Saturday, November 09, 2019

Welcome home

The welcome home ceremony is at 5 p.m. today (Saturday) at the high school. Spread the word! 

**Here's some exciting footage from game four yesterday against Henning:

We are still at Xcel Energy Center cheering for Watertown-Mayer in the Class 2A consolation championship match. The Royals are taking on the Marshall Area Tigers. We're still not totally sure why, but Watertown-Mayer's team cheered for our Jaguars in the last two state matches (Henning and Greenway) we are paying the favor back! In a way, both teams are "paying it forward" and showing the joy in making new friends. What's better than that?

The opening set was very exciting, tied at 15-15, but the Tigers went on a late rally to win 25-20.

In game two, the Tigers have an early 6-0 lead. *Final score: Marshall 25, Watertown-Mayer 21.

*Update: Marshall Area won a 3-0 match against the Royals. Watertown-Mayer went down swinging in the last set, a 25-15 loss.

Here's an excited bunch of our Jaguars volleyball players cheering on the Royals late in game three, and then match point is earned by the Tigers.

In Class 1A, Medford just beat Fosston 3-0 to take the third place trophy.

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