Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Looking out for small business

It's no secret right now what COVID-19 is doing to many small businesses across America. The federal government has responded with what I consider a very robust set of programs to help out.

Here's a summary... https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/paycheck-protection-program-ppp.

  • Page one of this week's Bonanza Valley Voice will include this notice...please share as you are able to:

By now everyone is feeling the pain to various degrees brought on by the the COVID-19 virus. Now more than ever we need to rally around one another, reach out for help when it’s needed and also be willing to lend help when asked. We ask our faithful readers to continue supporting the missions of our local churches. We are all in this together.


Elrosa baseball raffle

The Elrosa Baseball Club's spring raffle is postponed from April 10 until Friday, May 22. The tentative location for May 22 is Bucky's Bar.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Worship service news

Here's good news from Trinity Lutheran and West Lake Johanna churches of Brooten. They will be live-streaming a worship service at 10 a.m. on Sunday, March 29. Pastor Steve Bovendam will be speaking from Trinity Lutheran in Brooten.

Everyone is invited to join, via Facebook Live, at https://www.facebook.com/trinitybrooten.

Facebook Live is above my pay grade, but I think this is an exciting development for our area. I hope many of you can join in.

They also plan to do this for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship. Details to follow on their Facebook page.


Kensington Bank

Kensington Bank has suspended lobby access at their branches as of Saturday, March 28. Other details to follow. Drive-up only services are available at Kensington Bank branches in Belgrade, Cokato, Elrosa and Willmar locations. Lobby availability is limited in Kensington, Herman and St. Cloud offices.

It appears that Italy's COVID-19 death toll will officially be 919 for today. Please include their country in your prayers today. Italy's northern region is the epicenter of their troubles.

The U.S. states of New Jersey, Louisiana and Michigan are now feeling the wrath of COVID-19. As of now, New Jersey's death toll is 27 for today (cumulative total of 108), and Michigan's is 32 (total of 92). The population of New Jersey was 8.9 million as of 2018. Michigan's population was just shy of 10 million in 2018 (9.996 million).

Louisiana, a bit smaller than Minnesota with 4.66 million people, recorded 36 deaths today (cumulative total 119) from COVID-19. The city of New Orleans, where they celebrated Mardi Gras on February 25, is being hit especially hard. A New York Times article from yesterday stated that Louisiana, with more than 2,300 cases as of Thursday afternoon, is experiencing the fastest growth in new cases in the world. Their COVID-19 trajectory is on pace with what's played out in Italy and Spain.

For comparison, Minnesota's 2018 population was projected at 5.611 million. Minnesota's official COVID-19 numbers as of today are: 398 confirmed cases (up 52 from yesterday), four deaths (up two from yesterday) and 260 active cases. A total of 180 COVID-19 patients no longer need isolation. A total of 34 Minnesotans are currently hospitalized for COVID-19.

Minnesota has 14,003 COVID-19 tests on the book.

Some very good news: according to the Veterans Administration, the five V.A. homes in Minnesota remain COVID-19 free.

*Please remember! Kindness and generosity is contagious! Pass it on.

Be well. Stay well.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Antibody tests

FASCINATING news out of Colorado County - Telluride, Colorado.

They are working to conduct a mass antibody test that's done specifically to look for the "IGG antibody" that's produced about 8 to 10 days after infection. It's a blood (serum) test with a relatively short turnaround time (less than two days)...it allow health officials to do mass testing of an entire population in a specific area or community. This can give an idea of the prevalence of COVID-19 in a community.

Specific to Colorado County, they've conducted about 150 'nasal swab' tests for COVID-19. Of those 150 tests, they've had just one positive out of 24 results. The testing was "woefully inadequate" in getting a speedy turnaround.

The goal is to test everyone once initially and then again 14 days later. This tells health officials a few things: 1. they can see who's had the virus.  2. who's created antibodies to fight the virus.   3. who's possibly immune to the virus.   4. who hasn't had any evidence in the blood stream of having created antibodies to fight COVID-19.

Health officials want to test 8,000 residents for the COVID-19 virus.

In other news...
The major media could not be more reckless at this time. President Trump has never said he would force businesses to re-open by Easter!! Why is that so difficult to understand? It's insane what the major media talking heads are saying. Maddening!!!!!!


Stay home

Update after a little thought...I just wish the government would keep it simple, and tell us something very basic!

Just tell us what we need to know: the virus is out and about, it's out among us right now - don't share your germs!!!!

  • But I digress...

Governor Tim Walz issued a "stay at home" order in today's COVID-19 press conference. That was one executive order, but another executive order put in place "Distance Learning" for K-12 education from March 30 through May 4.

I have a lot to digest on this one.

Today, the Minnesota Department of Health reported 25 new cases of COVID-19 to get to 287 cases. Our state remains at just one death from this virus.

We have over 5 million people living in Minnesota, but that's not the whole picture. The full picture says that the virus will permeate throughout the countryside. (I believe it's been doing that for months) The virus is especially tough for senior citizens and children and adults with breathing problems. If you know a child with asthma, it can be deadly.

The virus is out! We have to learn to live with it. We are all germaphobes now. Social distancing, social distancing, social distancing. Be courteous. Be respectful. Be mindful. BE WELL and STAY WELL.

Until they develop a widely-available treatment, this virus is something we all have to live with. We have to pound on this first wave of infections, and then we will have to have a very good discussion how to live with this virus in our country. Society has to continue, and we have to put our brains to work figuring out how to effectively get people back to work. This cannot go on indefinitely. Society won't stand for it.

What did Governor Walz decree in his Executive Order (No. 20-20)
On Wednesday, the governor issued an executive order that asks Minnesotans to stay home except for essential needs and services starting at midnight on Friday for at least two weeks.

(MY TWO CENTS: we don't need to wait on government, we can do everything in our power to limit what we do, and for the love of God - don't share your germs!!!)

Minnesotans may leave their residences only to perform any of the following activities, and while doing so, they should practice social distancing:

·         Health and safety activities, such as obtaining emergency services or medical supplies;
·         Outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, running, biking, hunting, or fishing;
·         Necessary Supplies and Services, such as getting groceries, gasoline, or carry-out;
·         Essential and interstate travel, such as returning to a home from outside this state;
·         Care of others, such as caring for a family member, friend, or pet in another household;
·         Displacement, such as moving between emergency shelters if you are without a home;
·         Relocation to ensure safety, such as relocating to a different location if your home has been unsafe due to domestic violence, sanitation, or essential operations reasons;
·         Tribal activities and lands, such as activities by members within the boundaries of their tribal reservation.

Bars and restaurants in Minnesota are already closed to dine-in customers through at least May 1 under a separate executive order from the governor. Under the new order, restaurants can still serve delivery and take out.

Once you're done reading this, please go say a prayer for our world, and please cheer for humanity. We need to ROOT and CHEER for one another, all countries, all over the world.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A message of peace amidst chaos

I couldn't have said it better myself...and much of that is because I haven't had the extremely difficult life experiences that this young man has endured:

Let's continue sharing words of peace, comfort AND wisdom! If we (at least here in Minnesota) can continue to be SMART, protect you senior citizens and vulnerable populations, we won't have to send civilization into a grinding halt. This is in the hands of the public. It is up to us.

**Here's a short link to view worship service for March 22 at Norway Lake Lutheran parish...at the Bonanza Valley Voice website: https://bit.ly/2Jb7m0P.

Today (March 24), the state of Minnesota has added 27 new cases of COVID-19 to their official list. We are still at just one COVID-19 death, but no one believes that is where it will end.

Here's a great article I saw on the West Central Tribune website. The message from a Minnesotan who is in Italy is, "Just stay home" - and when we are home, we all have access to our usual creature comforts (i.e. - Netflix, if you have it!)...so this is something we can do! (short link) https://bit.ly/2Uf3IJl.

*Update at 1:11 p.m...Italy is not doing well. It is not doing well at all...today they are reporting 743 new deaths and 5,249 new cases related to COVID-19. This is not good. We cannot become like Italy. This is up to all of us!!

"Be well. Stay well."


Monday, March 23, 2020

(VIDEO) Taking the journey

Sometimes we have to just leap into life, although it's always helpful to keep the brain engaged. Read more/watch more/listen to what I posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website (short link) https://bit.ly/2JfFNDf.

"Be well. Stay well."

In summary for Monday, March 23:
The U.S. officially had 140 deaths recorded today due to COVID-19. The total case number for COVID-19 climbed by 10,168. Remember!! This is a country with over 330 million citizens (and some illegals) and, on average, 7,000 or more people die in the U.S.

New York state was hit especially hard with 43 new deaths today from COVID-19. They need all the prayers we can muster. It will get worse.

The reaction and actions we are seeing from state and federal government bodies are all meant to slow the growth of this COVID-19 outbreak. We had 140 deaths today. Tomorrow if we record 300, 500 or 800...or worse, that means we are on a very horrid climb with exponential growth of the outbreak. THAT is what we are all working to avoid. THAT is what would break our health care system.

It is far, far too early to jump to any kind of conclusion on how this will pan out in the U.S.

Continue with proper hygiene! (As we should 365 days a year!) 

And continue with social distancing. It will save lives, AND it will prevent draconian government measures that are being taken elsewhere in the U.S. and across the globe. Just today, media reports (that are based on reports from law enforcement and the Department of Public Safety) are suggesting that Minnesotans are "hunkering down" at a rate that sets them above other parts of the country and Midwest. This is very important!! I'll go straight back to what I've been preaching for days now: personal responsibility will be our saving grace.

I read that the West Central Tribune has closed their offices to the public as of today. I applaud them for that decision! I haven't decided about the Bonanza Valley Voice office operations. For now, we will be open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) - our standard weekly office hours.

Good night, all!

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Lt. Governor's brother dies from COVID-19

From the Star Tribune:

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan’s brother has died after contracting COVID-19.
The lieutenant governor said her brother Ron, who lived in Tennessee, was diagnosed with cancer several weeks ago and his immune system was compromised when he got the coronavirus.
“To many, he’ll be a statistic: Tennessee’s second COVID-related death. But to me, I’ll remember a loving, older brother, uncle, father, and husband,” Flanagan wrote in an Instagram post Sunday.
She urged people to stay home to protect people like her brother.
“If you feel fine, that’s great. But please consider the possibility that you’re carrying the virus and don’t know it, and then you walk past the next Ron, my big brother, in public,” she wrote. “COVID-19 now has a personal connection to me. Please do all you can to prevent one for you.”
Flanagan described her brother as a “tough-as-nails” Marine who was a big teddy bear on in the inside. Their politics did not match at all, the Democratic lieutenant governor said, and that was a source of constant jokes.
Her brother’s death follows that of her father, about two months ago.

*Currently, Tennessee is reporting just two deaths from COVID-19. They have a total of 523 confirmed cases in their state.

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More important than social distancing (video from Israel)

Disclaimer: I'm not downplaying the importance of social distancing. We all need to stick to the plan and not spread our germs!!! Like in a regular flu outbreak season.

Let this be a lesson for everyone that, in no clearer terms, personal responsibility can literally save our country!!! Be smart! Be well! Stay well! Here's what I just posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice website (short link) https://bit.ly/2QGaK7Y.

*We MUST protect our senior citizen population. I hope by now this is common knowledge, but in my experience I know that you just can't assume everyone understands the most basic actions that need to be taken.

Our senior citizen population is most at risk right now. This is just basic, common sense. This is what is done when we close off a location such as a nursing home (locally, this happens in any flu outbreak from my experience).

Can younger people experience problems from COVID-19? Yes, absolutely yes. In the U.S., hospitalizations in the 20 to 44 age category are rising. That is concerning. That's why we use social distancing. It should be common knowledge by now. If we all take steps, we will spread out the hospitalizations and give our health care system a fighting chance.

Here's South Korea's basic response: authorities have focused mandatory quarantine on infected patients and those with whom they have come into close contact, while advising the public to stay indoors, avoid public events, wear masks and practice good hygiene.

My question is: are we strong enough in America to exercise the personal responsibility that's required to keep our germs to ourselves? Or will we rely on government, fall back to that default mode that we too often do in America, and think government will save us? You don't need the government to step in and tell you to keep you germs to yourself!!

Another thought I had: Humans must be challenged if they want to reach their full potential. Of course, all humans have their individual breaking points. That's the dance we call life. How do we thread that needle. It goes to basic child rearing: make your kids' lives meaningful, not comfortable!

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

(VIDEO) Children's sermon

Video from Sunday, March 1 at West Lake Johanna Lutheran church.

They had nine children at church that morning, which was really terrific.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

America's time to shine

Dr. Emily Landon with University of Chicago-Medicine spoke today with Illinois residents about the state's shelter-in-place order. 

Dr. Landon said, "It’s really hard to feel like you’re saving the world when you’re watching Netflix from your couch…if we do this right, nothing happens."

That's where we're at, and I'm fine by that. This isn't a call to arms...it's basically a "call to sit on the couch" while we wait this out.


Frozen pizzas at Harry's Frozen Foods in Elrosa

Here's information from Harry's Frozen Foods in Elrosa:

The frozen food section may be cleared out at your local grocery store, but ours is fully stocked!
We’re still operating as normal, but due to the Minnesota bar closures you may notice getting our handmade pizzas is a bit more difficult these days. 

Please check with your nearest grocer, meat market or c store if they are able to provide their services, but if not know that we are also available by contacting us direct and picking up right at our faculty. Our drivers may be able to meet you out on the road as well.

Stay safe everyone and we really appreciate your business during this trying time.

Their phone number is 320-697-5638, with hours of operation of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Here's additional updates for today at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website (short link): https://bit.ly/396pJOP.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

(VIDEO) Facts without fear...from a doctor

I thought this was great...very worth watching!!!

About five minutes long. It's super important to understand how crucial the use of soap is at this time!!!!!

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Business updates and more for the Bonanza Valley area

At Bonanza Valley State Bank in Brooten
The bank is closing the lobby, however, ATM is still available in the entry way. Also, the drive-up window is open, and staff are in the building and able to respond to e-mails and phone calls. The lobby will remain closed until March 27, at which time this will be re-visited.

At Rustic Stables Stylists in Brooten
The hair salon in Brooten is closed through at least March 27. This is to comply with the state's executive order.

Additional local updates will be posted at this web article at the Bonanza Valley Voice website...this has been updated multiple times by noon of today (short link): https://bit.ly/2WqkUx1. This web article includes information for B-B-E schools and also local churches.

Currently, I'm listening to President Trump's address to the media on Minnesota Public Radio.

Right now, being emotionally strong and mentally tough is more important than ever. I struggle with it, and I think any honest adult will tell you the same. I found this web column very useful...titled "Want to be emotionally resilient? Science says do this" (short link) https://bit.ly/2x9dPGN.

And thank you readers and subscribers to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper! The March 19 issue is out and about as I type this.

As of this morning, over 3,000 people in Minnesota have been tested for COVID-19. Of those tests, 89 came back with a "positive" result.

This web article was difficult to load on my office computer, but it outlines the science behind how soap is the single very best weapon against COVID-19 (short link): https://bit.ly/2U1Arlu.

MY TWO CENTS: use a soapy cloth rag for cleaning purposes, not hand sanitizer!!!!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

KaDe Shack news in Brooten

The KaDe Shack in Brooten is closed to the public in accordance with the governor's executive order.

However, owner Tom Kampsen is holding take-out hours and can still have off-sale for the time being, which also complies with that same state executive order. The public can call in to-go orders between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (this went into effect today)...you'll have to knock at the east or west door and wait for him to bring you your food. He may specify which door to come to once you talk to him to place your order.

Give Tom a call at 320-346-2233.

In Belgrade...
At Coop's Corner, owner Dani Davis and her staff are doing take-out orders as well. Their restaurant (take-out only) hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Also, the C-store will be closing at 8:30 p.m. each night. I grabbed a copy of their to-go menu tonight and will share a few items for the public. The phone number to Coop's Corner is 320-254-3204.

In Padua...
The Padua Pub also is offering take-out food. Their hours are 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Phone number 320-352-2683.

And in other news...
Here's the latest that needs to be shared, an important local hotline for citizens of the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa area...here's a web article at the Bonanza Valley Voice website describing the local COVID-19 hotline at Glacial Ridge Health System in Glenwood/Brooten/Starbuck. (Short link) https://bit.ly/2w9tUfy.

As of 9 a.m. this morning, Minnesota had 77 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with no deaths (knock on wood).

As of 18:37 tonight, the United States has 150 deaths confirmed as stemming from the COVID-19 virus.

Here's something...shows how culpable China is...good gravy! https://fxn.ws/393pAvE.

"Be Well. Stay Well."

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

More changes in Jaguar Country (and beyond)

The Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Catholic churches will not hold Mass services through at least Easter Sunday, April 12.

This stemmed from the announcement today by the St. Cloud Diocese.

I'll admit, this is all very exhausting to be in the media. I know there are much tougher professions out there (i.e. - in the medical field) … but the toll this will take on my friends, neighbors, fellow business owners...it's unnerving.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Bars and restaurants to temporarily close (dine-in!)

Per Governor Tim Walz's Executive Order 20-03, Minnesota bars and restaurants are ordered to be closed for dine-in or "drink-in" activities starting at 5 p.m. tomorrow - Tuesday, March 17.

Take-out and delivery will still be allowed.

I've got a lot to say about all of this. Most of what I have to say is gonna go in this week's Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper. This whole thing hasn't even bit down, but it's already doing a number on the newspaper. I've adjusted the layout from 16 pages down to 12 pages for this week. The biggest cut was in sports coverage, mainly, state girls' basketball coverage. (Down from 5 pages to three for state basketball coverage) Some days, and today is no different - I am convinced that I'm just not gonna get this newspaper back on track like it was back in 2017 and 2018.

I go as our small business community goes. We've already lost a long list of small businesses in the B-B-E community since 2015. I don't get meaningful support from corporate-backed businesses in the B-B-E community. Turn through my newspaper pages. Who do you see advertising in the Voice? No, not every business is in every week. But over a four to six-week period, you will get a very good look at what businesses are keeping this newspaper going.

BTW...in case you missed it, here's the live link to tonight's school board meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgtuehViMxA.

Meanwhile, if you want to track COVID-19 statistics, I found this website useful:
https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us. As of the end of Monday, March 16, there have been 93 recorded death due to COVID-19 in the United States.

And back to COVID-19...
Here's something I uncovered about the World Health Organization (WHO) while researching the U.S. travel restrictions placed on China a few weeks ago.

The World Health Organization cautioned against the overuse of travel restrictions, but stopped short of saying that Trump’s decision in the U.S.  — or anyone else’s in other countries — was inappropriate.
We reiterate our call to all countries not to impose restrictions inconsistent with the International Health Regulations,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told its executive board. “Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit. So far, 22 countries have reported such restrictions to WHO. Where such measures have been implemented, we urge that they are short in duration, proportionate to the public health risks, and are reconsidered regularly as the situation evolves.”
This irritates me to no end. I said this a couple days ago. The WHO was more worried about offending people than actually saving lives.

The WHO's influence could have led to many more COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. than what we will experience. Thank the Lord, President Trump did not take cues from the WHO.

This illustrates why soaking up everything the major media/MSM industrial media complex dishes out is dangerous. It's dangerous to the future of our republic.

End rant.


The latest

So far, so good - at least as good as can be expected!

To recap...
At B-B-E schools, K-12 classes will not be held starting Wednesday this week (March 18) through at least Friday, March 27. School classes will be held on Tuesday, March 17.

School staff such as cooks, janitors, Jaguar Kids Connection staff and an undetermined number of paraprofessionals will be on duty during this period of time.

Parents who fall under the category of "Medical Professionals" and "First Responders" have the option of sending their children ages 12 or under to school for an adjusted level of instruction and activities. To further clarify this, children who meet this criteria will be accommodated in the JKC "School-Age" group of students. *IMPORTANT: parents who meet that criteria must register or at least contact the school office today (preferred) or tomorrow if they need assistance with their children during this time.

Further clarification of the professions in these categories is listed at this web article at the Bonanza Valley Voice website (short link): https://bit.ly/2wbkqjJ.

And another point. Licensed teaching staff will be "on duty" (but not necessarily in the buildings) during this period of time working on distance learning ideas. Much of this is already in place at B-B-E, but as it is with any new idea - it's still a work in progress. Distance Learning at B-B-E has focused (in the past year) around accommodating "snow days" and not extended period of school shut downs like we are currently facing.

And yet another point. The school is enacting a strict "no guests/visitors/volunteers" policy starting today, Monday, March 16. For the safety of students, staff and the community, only district personnel (those on payroll and contracted partners) are permitted inside district school buildings. Visitors and volunteers will not be admitted to schools at this time.

The goal is to greatly reduce the level of foot traffic in and out of the school buildings. The state's executive order is not meant to completely halt all operations at schools or day cares.

School board meeting live stream
Here's the direct link to view the school board meeting tonight, thanks to Mr. Zehrer with the B-B-E Broadcasting group for setting this up. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m., and it is not open to the public. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgtuehViMxA.

On another note...
I've reached out to our local B-B-E area Lutheran, Catholic and Christian Reformed pastors asking them to submit Pastors Notes columns for the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper. The work of the Lord continues whether or not people can worship on Sundays or not!

Local COVID-19 hotline
Click over to the Bonanza Valley Voice website to read about the local hotline established for residents who have COVID-19 related questions.  https://bit.ly/38Vyxae

St. Patrick's Day in Padua
All events are ON for the St. Patrick's Day activities at the Padua Pub, set for tomorrow, Tuesday - which is St. Patrick's Day. Obviously, if you are not feeling well, do not go to that or any other event!!

And finally (for now)
This situation changes almost hourly. For the latest state/federal information, utilize these websites:
1. https://www.health.state.mn.us
2. https://education.mn.gov/MDE/index.html.

According to the MDH and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the best COVID-19 prevention activities are the same activities parents teach children when discussing influenza and the common cold. They include these four major guidelines to follow:
1. use quality hand-washing practices (20 seconds or more with soap);
2. cover your cough or sneeze;
3. stay home if you do not feel well;
4. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands;

COVID-19 symptoms: coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is characterized by mild symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever. Illness can be more severe for some people and can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill. People may experience the following symptoms: • runny nose; • sore throat; • cough; • a mild to severe fever; • difficulty breathing (severe cases).

That's all for now.

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

School update: school in session on Tuesday, March 17

An update on school at B-B-E will be posted after 8 p.m. tonight.

A massive level of work is being put in locally, on a daily basis, to keep ahead of this. One example of that is with B-B-E school officials. There are no "days off" right now. It's go time, every day.

As it stands right now, Sunday night, the Jaguar Kids Connection day care will be open for regular hours on Monday, March 16.

Update at 21:08: B-B-E will hold classes on Tuesday, March 17, and part of that day will be used to prepare for the state-mandated school shut down period. B-B-E's Jaguar Kids Connection will continue to operate under normal hours of operation throughout the school shut down period of March 18 to March 27. 

Click here for the (short) link to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website that includes further explanation: https://bit.ly/2vYlrM5.

We all need to keep the eye on the ball: the goal is to slow, not eliminate, the general movement of people...especially large groups of people and at least minimize large gatherings of people. We are not under martial law (yet?)...not forbidden from leaving our homes.

We are all asked to take personal responsibility for our actions and the actions of those we are caring for (i.e. children) to the end that if the virus is "out and about" with us, we are not conducting ourselves in ways that only spread it further. This is why we have this on the table: closings of schools and temporary halting of sports activities.

The current state executive order does not close day cares across the state for a two-week period. It is possible, however, that B-B-E's Jaguar Kids Connection may be closed for a period of time (days?) to allow staff to conduct a "super cleaning" of the elementary building. Announcements of this are forthcoming. Whatever our school officials decide, it will be done under the advice, guidance and input of state and federal agencies.

This is not a time to panic. Good Lord, people, what if something much more serious happened? How would we all react then?

*Here's a good example that illustrates the current mess: in Oregon, police are asking the public to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper. (source: Newport, Oregon police department) That is not an emergency that first responders should respond to. It's not an emergency they would respond to. There are many ways to cope with not having toilet paper. I shouldn't have to spell that out. This news out of Oregon shows how society has gotten stupid and lazy. It's taken many generations to get to this current level of laziness and stupidity.

If you call 911 because you ran out of toilet paper, YOU'RE AN IDIOT! You're only alive right now because government has over-coddled you and protected you from your stupidity.

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MSHSL announcement on March 15

Effective from Wednesday, March 18 through Friday, March 27, there will be no Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) activities at any member school. This includes all participation including, but not limited to training, practices, scrimmages and contests. The previous MSHSL directive prohibiting scrimmages, contests and competitions with other MSHSL programs for spring activities and athletics will continue through April 6.

As COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, the MSHSL will continue to monitor the most current information and directives from the MN Department of Health, the governor's office and the Centers for Disease Control. The MSHSL will continue to work within the recommendations in its actions and decisions.
Additional information will be provided as it becomes available and as decisions are made.

The best COVID-19 prevention activities are the same activities that parents teach children when discussing influenza and the common cold. They include these four major guidelines to follow:
1. use quality hand-washing practices (20 seconds or more with soap);
2. cover your cough or sneeze;
3. stay home if you do not feel well;
4. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Finally, I ask that you enjoy time at home spent with family.

"Be well, stay well."

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School in flux

This morning, Governor Tim Walz ordered schools to be closed from March 18 to March 27.

More explanation to follow.

*Click here for a more in-depth explanation of Minnesota Executive Order 20-02 at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper (short link): https://bit.ly/2wWG2An. This web article was posted at 11:30 a.m. today.

At B-B-E, how it relates to school and Jaguar Kids Connection operations in Jaguar Country is forthcoming.

It's very important to know that schools have the option of closing on Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and March 17. Governor Walz's executive order does not forbid schools from closing other days outside of the March 18 to March 27 window.****

  • The executive or requires schools to provide care for elementary-age children of health care professionals, first responders and other emergency workers during previously planned school days. The order directs districts to provide on-site care for enrolled children of emergency workers who are age 12 or younger. The order encourages districts to provide extended care before and after school hours if possible. How this translates to the operations at B-B-E schools and JKC has not been explained at this point.

Also, at 1 p.m. today, the Minnesota Department of Health will hold a conference call today to brief members of the media on the latest information regarding COVID-19.

Stay tuned.

*Update at noon: B-B-E's administrative team is meeting today (afternoon), and important information is forthcoming on the operations (or lack thereof) of B-B-E schools and Jaguar Kids Connection in the next two weeks. They have a huge amount of information and input to process, based on what is given to them from the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.

Parents are asked - as difficult as it is - to be patient and wait for further announcements.

Also, the Belgrade police department is offering to be a source of assistance for families who may struggle across the next two weeks as children are not able to go to school and receive the hot school lunches on school days.

Additional updates will be posted in a new blog post and at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's website. Http://www.bonanzavalleyvoice.com.

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

(VIDEO) Jaguars battle at state

Here's an iMovie production by the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's sports department:

I'll get more posted in the coming days. More photo galleries have to be uploaded from the winter sports season to the newspaper's SmugMug photo gallery.

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Church-related news...and state video

This message is from the Norway Lake Lutheran parish, dated Saturday morning (today):
After consultation with the leadership of East Norway Lake Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church of Norway Lake, the decision has been made to suspend worship services, educational and all other activities on Sunday March 15 and Wednesday, March 18. This decision follows the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services.
The leadership recommends that we revisit this decision on a weekly basis. As of now, we will keep the Norway Lake Parish office open during the week. Pastor Wayne will be available for pastoral care and pastoral visits and can be contacted at 320-841-1951.
We encourage you to practice appropriate protocols of frequent hand washing with soap and water, sneezing and coughing into the elbow and not hand, and if you are ill, stay home until you are fully recovered.
Please view our parish website, educational Facebook page and KWLM Covid-19 web site for further information.
Please remember in prayer all who are ill, all medical personnel and others who are making difficult decisions at this trying time.

*Here's a video clip featuring part of the starter introductions at the state tournament on Thursday in Minneapolis:

I hope you've been able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Major changes at B-B-E

A massive amount of information was released by Stearns County school superintendents today.

The big thing to share is that school buildings (B-B-E and other schools in Stearns County) are now prohibiting visitors and volunteers to enter, as of this time and going forward until further notice.

More on this will be explained over the weekend.

  • UPDATE: click over to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website to read a large article explaining more on this rapidly-changing situation...this was posted at 02:28 on the morning of Saturday, March 14 (short link) https://bit.ly/38KODTT. Please share that link as you are able to!

The Monday, March 16 school board meeting at the elementary school will not be open to the public, however - it will be live streamed as to comply with Minnesota open meeting laws. With the Governor declaring a peacetime state of emergency, the lay of the land has changed significantly.

I'll remind people again of the 20-second hand washing guideline. Please follow the rules of good hygiene. These are things we should do whether there's a virus outbreak or not.

In the coming days, I'll slowly get caught up with online coverage and then, of course, print coverage for the winter sports teams. Here's one step forward...a very brief bit of coverage of the B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team in their sub-section finals loss on Wednesday. This web article features a 12-minute long video of the last three minutes of that hotly-contested game against Nevis (short link) https://bit.ly/33i0OGC.

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Spring sports competition

This afternoon, the MN State High School League announced limitations on spring sports in Minnesota.

Through at least April 6, 2020, any type of activity beyond practices and tryouts is prohibited. This means no games, scrimmages or other types of practices and activities between other schools.

Here's a video clip from yesterday in Minneapolis...I'll be working on other digital content today.

Now the waiting game begins!!!


And just like that

And in the blink of an eye, the winter sports season for Minnesota has ended.

The remainder of the state girls' basketball tournament is cancelled. For boys' basketball, the playoffs is over. No more section playoffs or state tournament.

The virus is certainly something to be concerned about. But why not let teams play in a mostly-empty gym and live stream it? I think the kids would be willing to play. These kids grow up playing in odd gyms with few fans in the off-season.

This is a very strong, serious strain of influenza. It should be handled like we would during any influenza outbreak! Proper hygiene. Stay home if you're sick. Wash your hands!!! This is 2020 for God's sakes! Weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now? No, instead we're re-teaching and preaching to the public the need to wash your hands. Cover your mouth if you cough. The BASICS. Society has gotten stupid and lazy, and we're paying the price for it.

Just my thoughts.

Here's what a commentator said at the Minnesota-Scores.net forum...and I happen to agree!

In April 2009-April 2010, 60.8 million Americans were infected with H1N1. 12,000 people died. A pandemic was declared in July 2009. However, MLB still played baseball. The NFL still played football. High School sports went on as usual. Why? Because the media, following orders from Barrack Obama told everyone not to panic. Today, because of the media’s never-ending effort to destroy Donald Trump, they have managed to bring this country to a standstill over 40 deaths, 36 of which have occurred in a nursing home in Washington state. This is nuts!!

At B-B-E, this morning I learned that the Central Minnesota Conference speech meet, set for next Tuesday (March 17) has been postponed indefinitely. Nothing has been set for when it could possibly take place.

This afternoon I'll get more state tournament coverage posted from yesterday. What a memorable game! It's stunning to think that Cromwell-Wright will not play their semifinal game today.

You have
...garbage like this! Garbage talking heads in the media...spreading lies (short link) about the CDC and its funding. https://bit.ly/2TNb0DZ. My two cents: the CDC has focused on an endless list of Nanny State initiatives while ignoring their mission of fighting actual diseases.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Step V: an incredible season ends

It was a furious battle from start to finish. Cromwell-Wright featured a highly-lauded roster with two players signed for D-II next year.

In the closing minute, the B-B-E Jaguars girls' basketball team trailed 65-58 at one point. The Cardinals (29-2) were not giving an inch, but neither were the Jaguars!!

Final score: No. 2-seeded Cromwell-Wright 67, B-B-E 58.

That's the end.

Coronovirus eliminated the loser's bracket of the state tournament.

Life is full of surprises. How we handle what life dishes out to us each day makes all the difference in the world, and when kids work through various types of adversities, it makes them better too.

Cromwell-Wright's Taya Hakamaki (season average of 25.4 ppg) erupted for 34 points to lead her team to the victory. She is one of  eight seniors on the Cardinals' roster. C-W is the real deal. They are GOOD. And we had them right in our sights until the closing seconds of the game. Ultimately, only four players scored for the Cardinals, and just seven of their players saw action on the floor.

B-B-E, who played 11 players, was led by freshmen Abby Berge's 18 points.

Scoring for B-B-E: Jacqueline Gossen 2, Grace Illies 4, Jenna Dingmann 9, Allisa Knight 12, Karsee Kampsen 5, Abby Berge 18, Josie Knutson 5, Karissa Jones 3. The Jaguars shot 38.8 percent from the field (19-49) and made seven of 21 three-point attempts. They were 13-of-20 at the free throw line.

B-B-E graduates three out of their top 10 players. They will be dearly missed: Jacqueline Gossen, Grace Illies and Jenna Dingmann.

Cromwell-Wright scoring: Taya Hakamaki 34, Shaily Hakamaki 15, Natalee Hakamaki 5, Andrea Pocernich 13.

*Below, video from about three minutes left in the game:

I had all the faith in the world that the Jaguars would earn their 20th win of the season and continue to write extra pages in the B-B-E history book. They played an absolutely PHENOMENAL game from start to finish. Cromwell-Wright was the real deal, and our team did not back down!!!

I could not be prouder of this team and how they played during the game and how they handled the tough part of having the season cut short. They are all incredible role models, from the three seniors on down the ranks.

Other state tournament games...
In an earlier state quarterfinal game today, top-seeded Minneota advanced with a 57-37 win over Red Lake.

Henning won 69-56 over Fillmore Central in the game that followed our game at Maturi Pavilion. Henning will face C-W in tomorrow's semifinal game.

Waterville-Elysian-Morristown defeated Heritage Christian Academy 58-46 in the other Class 1A state quarterfinal game today.

Another evening state tournament game tonight was played at Concordia-St. Paul that featured two central Minnesota teams: New London-Spicer and Sauk Centre. The Wildcats came out on top by a 59-54 score in the Class 2A tournament. That concluded the brief stint for those two teams in the consolation bracket of the state tournament. NL-S and Sauk Centre also had their state tournament cut short by the virus.

That's it! Time to head home. The motto now is, "Be well! Stay well!" amidst everything going on out there.

*Video from state will be posted after 22:00 tonight. **Correction: after 23:30.

THANK YOU Bonanza Valley State Bank for your corporate sponsorship of this Jaguars Sports state tournament update!

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STATE is about to begin for B-B-E

Game updates will follow here after 3 p.m. today.

Six minutes left...CW leads 24-22. First half.

Halftime: Cromwell-Wright 41, B-B-E 33. Allisa Knight scored with 1:25 left to make it a 36-33 deficit. C-W's Taya Hakamaki drained a three-pointer with 50 seconds left to make it 41-33.

Allisa Knight is leading the Jaguars at halftime with 12 points.

SECOND HALF begins at 15:45...
With 12 minutes left in the game, the Cardinals are ahead 50-40.

Final score in a new blog post.

THANK YOU to our local business supporters! Especially Bonanza Valley State Bank as our premier corporate sponsor of the Jaguars at STATE!

Section final win...and looking at Cromwell-Wright

Here's the link to watch it online:

And here's a web link to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's Smugmug online photo gallery (short link provided): https://bit.ly/3cV50Av. I've got a few events missing from there, but we'll get to that next week!

  • Below is some interview material that didn't fit into this week's Bonanza Valley Voice. I printed 14 pages, but if I had more time, 16 pages would've gotten a bigger sports section.

After the B-B-E Jaguars girls' basketball team defeated Ogilvie 67-25 last Friday, the Voice interviewed senior Jenna Dingmann and head coach Kristina Anderson.

Senior Jenna Dingmann said, "We really stress defense. That's been our key this year. We've been on this for three years now. We want to give the pressure. In practice, we do a lot of aggressive shell drills, half court traps, help defense, boxing out and finishing plays. Our practices have been super competitive all year."

Here's part of Coach Anderson's  interview on video:

Head coach Kristina Anderson also said, "I really like our defensive pressure. We continue to attack teams on the defensive end. Our depth really helps us in that respect, getting girls in and out to keep the pressure on. Later in the season, as our rotation has firmed up, our transition offense has really taken off. That goes hand in hand with our defensive pressure."
"We've really been playing great team basketball. You look throughout the year, our box scores, on any given night, we have many different girls getting 10 to 15 points. Eight to 10 rebounds. I love our depth and what it has done for us, and what our girls add whether they are a starter or come in off the bench or play a reserve role."
"We've brought in ninth grade boys at practice to give our girls a chance to work against more length and size. We've got a fun style of basketball. Our practices play a big part of that. We have a 10-person rotation, but in practice they're all going at it against one another. Our girls know how to compete and how to win."

Tip-off for the state quarterfinals is today at 3 p.m., when the Jaguars face No. 2-seeded Cromwell-Wright at Maturi Pavilion on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The game will be on both local radio stations.

Cromwell-Wright (28-2) features two 2,000-point scorers, who are also senior and also first cousins, Taya Hakamaki and Shaily Hakamaki. They are both signed to play at NCAA Division II University of Minnesota-Duluth next year. On February 17 on their home court against South Ridge, both Hakamakis surpassed the 2,000-point plateau. They were freshmen on C-W's 2016-2017 team that ended B-B-E's season in the Section 5A finals by a 63-37 score at Little Falls high school. C-W won their state quarterfinal game over Red Lake that season, lost in the semifinals to Goodhue and then earned the third-place trophy with a 78-51 win over Maranatha Christian.

The Cardinals avenged last year's 50-31 Section 7A championship loss to Mountain Iron-Buhl when they beat the Rangers 68-43 to claim this year's section title and return to state after a two-year hiatus from the big show.

Back to the 2015-2016 season, Cromwell-Wright beat Browerville 73-71 to claim the Section 5A title. At state, they lost 70-55 to Wheaton/Herman-Norcross in the opening round while finishing 27-4 overall.

MIB ended C-W's season in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Step III: the sting of a loss, end of the road

The B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team put everything they had into tonight's sub-section championship game and came up just short of advancing to a second straight section title bout.

In the final stage of the game, the Jaguars trailed 58-54 when Nevis's junior forward Jack McNamee made two free throws with 1:35 on the clock.

The Jaguars scored two more times in the game to cut it to a two-point deficit. Nevis hung on for the win.

Final: Nevis 61, B-B-E 58.

Here's video from the tip-off and opening part of the first half in Wadena tonight:

The Jaguars finish an outstanding season where they defied the odds and finished 14-15 overall. They played in their fifth sub-section championship game in the last six years. What a ride!!! They will come back and forge ahead full steam for the 2020-2021 season.

Nevis (24-4) plays this Friday night for the section title. Their opponent will be Hinckley-Finlayson, who won the Sub-Section 5A-East title by a 55-54 score over East Central tonight at Foley high school.

Below, the Jaguars gather with their playoff trophy at WD-C high school:

At the Class 2A girls' basketball state tournament tonight, No. 2-seeded Sauk Centre suffered a 47-42 loss to Providence Academy. No. 3-seeded New London-Spicer was upset by Duluth Marshall by a 60-56 score.

That's it...time to head home. Tomorrow is a HUGE DAY!

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Game updates

With nine minutes left in the first half, the top-seeded Nevis Tigers have a 20-16 lead in tonight's subsection championship game at Wadena. Our B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team is a clear underdog tonight, but they are battling and giving all they've got to a team that has a 23-4 record!

Halftime: Nevis 34, B-B-E 33. A three-point shot by B-B-E's Kaden Pieper with about three seconds left bounced off the rim. The Jaguars got the ball with one minute remaining and went into a four-corner offense to burn the clock down. Nevis complied.

The second half will begin at 19:36! Remember, the game is being broadcast on both radio stations. THANK YOU Bill and Brady!

**Update: with 11 minutes left, the Tigers are ahead 44-42.

In the final minute of the game, we have had a two- to four-point deficit to battle against.

Final score in a new blog post.

AND! Thank you to Bonanza Valley State Bank for sponsoring this Jaguars Sports playoff update!


State send-offs!

The state tournament send-offs for our B-B-E Jaguars girls' basketball team were terrific. The Jaguars logged a lot of legwork in both schools for the Pep Fests and also received a wonderful police/fire department escort out of town.

**AND here it is! It's about a four-minute long iMovie production by the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper. I messed up the advertisement placement for the Bonanza Valley State Bank graphic. I am certainly NOT an expert when it comes to iMovie!!

Coverage and more to come.

While a Bonanza Valley Voice iMovie production is processing, here's a short video clip from the final minute of the section finals last Friday in Little Falls:

Tonight! I know the boys' basketball game will be on both 106.5 FM The Train and Smooth Magic 107 FM of Glenwood.

And another clip from the first half of the Ogilvie game:

I had an awesome iMovie processing, then processed and ready to convert to an MPEG for uploading. AND then iMovie crashed on my computer!!!! GRRR! Had to start over...now in a time crunch. Such is life!!!!!

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Monday, March 09, 2020

State basketball T-shirt order form

Click here (short link) to pull up the Google Docs order form for state girls' basketball t-shirts. https://bit.ly/2TFjL37.

And let's go back to Friday night! How fun was that!!!!!!!!!

Time to get back to the March 12 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice. It is taking shape, but it has a ways to go. Don't forget about tomorrow's pep fests at the high school and elementary! (9 a.m. elementary and 10:15 a.m. high school)

Thanks to the terrific support of the Bonanza Valley State Bank, we are cooking up something special for the basketball team in this week's newspaper.

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Sunday, March 08, 2020

A successful breakfast in Elrosa

Nearly 500 served in Elrosa this morning!

Great job, Elrosa Commercial Club!

Have you made your fan bus plans yet for the state basketball tournament? Let's get some buses ordered up!

In case you missed out on a church service today, here's a video from the lesson reading, Gospel reading, children's sermon and sermon at West Lake Johanna Lutheran church:

Speaking of basketball, here's a story from the 2019-2020 season opener between Cromwell-Wright and Minneota...Minneota won that game 49-47 just a couple weeks after they won the Class 1A state volleyball title. Seven Minneota girls' basketball players were on that volleyball team.

CRAZY fact: Minneota, the top-ranked and top-seeded team in the upcoming Class 1A state girls' basketball tournament, has just one senior on the roster (forward Morgan Hennen).

At the Bonanza Valley Voice, now we gear up for the state tournament while getting our March 12 issue ready for publishing. I've got an ambitious goal of publishing 14 pages this week.

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Important updates and information!

First of all, B-B-E schools will not hold classes on Friday, March 13. The makeup day will be an E-learning day on Monday, March 23. Please spread the word! Also, school will be in session on Thursday, March 12, but students can attend the state basketball quarterfinal game that day with parent permission given to the school through appropriate channels.

Fans, friends and family (and we are ALL fans!) of the state-bound B-B-E Jaguars girls' basketball team can take advantage of fan bus offerings by the school district. This saves you from the cost of driving, the cost of parking and the hassle of the long walk from the parking ramp to the basketball arena! These will be offered if enough people sign up for each option!

1. School bus fan bus
A school bus fan bus is available for just $10 for adults and $5 for kids. **Children in grades K-6 must be accompanied with their parents. The school bus fan bus will depart on Thursday at 11:30 a.m.
Tickets to the game will cost another $10 per person (any age), and they can be purchased at Maturi Pavilion when you arrive in Minneapolis.
SO TO RECAP: you will need $15 per child and $20 per adult to ride to the game and attend the game.
For the school bus fan bus, the school asks that high school-age students sign up through the high school office and Mrs. Bertram (nbertram@bbejaguars.org) and then pay in person in the office before Wednesday at noon. For elementary age kids, please sign up at the elementary office with Mrs. Schoenberg (tschoenberg@bbejaguars.org)...ALSO if you can specify your desires to use the bus option on Friday and Saturday's potential games, the earlier the school knows this, the better.

2. Charter bus fan bus
With enough interest, a chartered bus will be available with a price of $20 per person (any age) and then another $10 for tickets to get into the game. This bus will also depart at 11:30 a.m. The charter bus will leave approximately 30 minutes after the game's conclusion. This bus needs at least 40 people signed up for it by noon on Wednesday (March 11) in order for it to be offered. If it is not offered, refunds will be issued.

To utilize the charter bus option, e-mail Mrs. Schoenberg (tschoenberg@bbejaguars.org) before the Noon Wednesday deadline.

That's it! Get busy, Jaguar Country! Get your money together, get the e-mails sent out, and get this all confirmed!

*Here's video from the latter half of the first half of the Section 5A championship game in Little Falls on Friday night:

*Finally, a team pep fest/send-off celebration will take place at the elementary school on Wednesday, March 11 at 9 a.m. The high school will host the same style of event at 10:15 a.m. that day to send our Jaguars off in style to the big show!!!

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Saturday, March 07, 2020

Step II: wow!!!!

In the second half of tonight's sub-section semifinal game, the B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team has opened up a commanding 40-23 lead on a Luke Dingmann free throw.

Earlier in the second half, the Jaguars got a spark from Kaden Pieper's second three-pointer of the game with 16:25 left. That bucket made it 25-15. Another three from Pieper with 10:30 left made it 39-21.

With seven minutes left in the game, PR-B got to the free throw line for the first time of the night. Wow! They lost both of those attempts.

Jackson Peter's layup made it 46-28 to give B-B-E an 18-point lead for the second time of the game.

Final score: B-B-E 54, Pine River-Backus 36.

The Jaguars (14-14 overall) advance to the sub-section finals for the third straight season!!!!!!!! This is really, really tremendous. This will be B-B-E's 16th sub-section finals appearance!!! The first was in 1992, and now Coach Anderson's teams have landed a spot in the sub-section finals in five of his six seasons as head coach at B-B-E.

PR-B finishes 18-9 overall.

STAT OF THE GAME: four points...yes, that's the stat of the game. What does four points represent? That represents the result of sophomore Will VanBeck's incredible defense played against PR-B's star senior guard, Brady Raph, who came in the game averaging over 20 points a contest. Raph is the all-time leading scorer for PR-B. Yes, VanBeck limited him to just four points! One field goal in each half. Raph was frustrated the entire night and committed two offensive charging personal fouls against VanBeck.

Earlier in the season, Raph scored 30 points against Menahga. Here's a story from the Brainerd Dispatch about Brady Raph… (short link) https://bit.ly/38zDK7i.

In the final regular season game at PR-B, the Tigers defeated Sebeka 76-63. In that game, Raph scored 19 points and became PR-B's all-time leading boys' basketball scorer.

I don't think going 1-1 was the expectation of PR-B as they entered playoffs.

Next for the Jaguars: the Sub-Section 5A-West championship game on Wednesday, March 11 at 7 p.m. at Wadena-Deer Creek high school. The opponent will be No. 1-seeded Nevis. Nevis (23-4) beat Walker-Hackensack-Akeley by a 70-44 score in the earlier semifinal game tonight at Wadena. W-H-A finishes 16-12 overall.

The Nevis Tigers went 11-3 to earn a co-championship with Cass Lake-Bena in the Northland Conference. This will be Nevis's fourth straight appearance in a sub-section championship game. The last two years, Nevis saw their season end at the hands of Cromwell-Wright in the Sub-Section 5A-North title game. In 2017, Nevis won the sub-section and Section 5A title before going 0-2 at state.

Nevis also advanced to state in 2015. They went 1-1 in subsections in 2016. Browerville beat Nevis out in the sub-section finals in 2014 before Browerville lost to B-B-E in the Section 5A finals. (Remember that!?!?!)

And this! Get a load of this!Top-seeded and Section 5A favorite Cromwell-Wright lost in the Sub-Section 5A-East semifinals tonight. Their season ended at the hands of No. 4-seeded Hinckley-Finlayson by a 65-51 score. H-F is 13-14 overall, while Cromwell-Wright finishes 20-5 overall.

And finally getting back to more video taken last night in Little Falls...we've made tracks with the Bonanza Valley Voice to that game and then to Duluth to join the B-B-E robotics team. What a weekend it has been!

*Here's a video of the pre-game National Anthem performance, starter introductions, tip-off and the first half's first few minutes:

Thanks to everyone for following B-B-E's teams through the playoffs and through the March Madness! We'll do what we can at the Bonanza Valley Voice to provide online and printed coverage.

NOTE: this "state brackets" blog post has been updated with additional important information...plus a video clip was added tonight. Click here (short link) to view that: https://bit.ly/2v6TLEg.

THANK YOU to Bohmer Insurance Agency for sponsoring this Jaguars Sports playoff update!

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The B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team has a 22-12 halftime lead right now against Pine River-Backus.

The game is on 106.5 FM The Train.

Further updates will be posted in a new blog post.