Friday, July 31, 2015

Been crazy around here

It's been just a tiny bit crazy around the office in the past couple of weeks. I fully expected activity to slow down at the newspaper after Bonanza Valley Days was behind us. That was anything but the case. I honestly think I've been busier since BVD weekend. I know the advertising has skyrocketed in the newspaper over the last three issues of July. Currently I'm gearing up for the Elrosa Saints amateur baseball team's playoff opener as well as a trip to Terrace to take in some of the entertainment they have scheduled for Saturday afternoon/evening at the scenic and historic Terrace Mill.

That translates into very little time to post here. On the upside, I know many of the readers of this sports website have taken the opportunity to subscribe to the Bonanza Valley Voice. And to you, I say THANK YOU!

In the month of July we added 20 new subscribers. Whew! I lost track of the new subscribers a couple weeks ago but I believe we're at about 185 new subscribers since January 1.


Again, thank you to the subscribers of the Bonanza Valley Voice. You are a driving force behind this operation. Not a subscriber? Click here and sign up! $18 or $20 a year depending on where you live:

I want to give a shout out to Herman Lensing and the great work he does reporting on amateur baseball across central Minnesota. Here's his amateur baseball blog that includes a link to the Sauk Centre Herald's recently-published amateur baseball guide. He has also outlined the division tournament pairings and schedules, including games in the Stearns County League:

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