Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pope County Fair

The annual Pope County Fair in Glenwood kicks off on Wednesday this week. See the full schedule of events in the July 11 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper on page nine.

Also, a web article has been posted at the Voice website. Please share the link and let others know about the fair! (short link) https://bit.ly/2XIWn8l.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

(VIDEO) Gary Fauskee Memorial Cup

Here's video from Prairie View Community Golf Course on Saturday afternoon during Bonanza Valley Days weekend. The live auction was part of the Gary Fauskee Memorial Cup tournament. Funds raised are dedicated to the Gary Fauskee Memorial Scholarship.

Additional coverage will follow in the July 18 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Baseball outcomes

The Elrosa Saints baseball team lost 16-15 today to first-place Meire Grove this afternoon. On Friday night, the Saints lost 8-2 at Sauk Centre. Next for the Saints (8-9 overall, 6-5 Stearns County League North) is a home game on Friday, July 19 against Spring Hill.

In the Stearns County League Little Dipper baseball playoffs, the Elrosa Saints lost 8-2 at New Munich tonight.

In other news, while I still have the rest of July to publish BVD-related news and photos, it is time to start shifting attention to the Belgrade August Fest. Dates for their festivities are August 7, 9 and 10 (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). Read more on August Fest in the July 18 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper.

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(VIDEO) BVD Worship in the Park

The Bonanza Valley Days Worship in the Park kicked off the official list of events across the four-day celebration in Brooten. Worship service was held on Thursday, July 11 at the city park with Pastor Rick Krasky preaching. Below is video of the singing and his sermon.

The church service was marvelous! It was "warm" but not terribly warm. The evening was wonderful. We are very blessed here in Brooten.

Today's BVD grand parade was also marvelous. We had upwards of 70 units. The weather was very warm, dangerously warm around 1 o'clock...but then cloud cover appeared and helped immensely.

*Another item...if people still want BVD t-shirts or tank tops, a limited supply is still available. I'll get more posted about that ASAP.

We've had our challenges this weekend. Two major events jumped out at us out of nowhere. One ugly item was last week Thursday, and another vicious, nasty item reared its ugly head last night after building up over the weekend. More to say another time about all that. I will not sugar-coat things. I will be calling it like I see it.

I have a good friend in Morris who bemoans the loss of their town's "Prairie Pioneer Days" - due to apathy their town of 5,000 people, which even has its own branch of the University of Minnesota, has lost its premier summer celebration. That is very sad among many other adjectives.

Back hHere in Brooten, we will fight through every challenge we face. We will overcome!

We will conquer every day here!

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Miss Brooten Pageant

In the 49th annual Miss Brooten Pageant, Brooke Deters was crowned Miss Brooten 2019-2020.

Serving as Miss Brooten Princesses will be Brittany Berge and Jenna Dingmann.

A video of the pageant and coronation is being uploaded now and will be posted later tonight at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website.

*Update at 20:00...here's the video! (short link) https://bit.ly/2XMJWDC. Feel free to share this link as you are able to!

I hope you can make it in to the Bonanza Valley Days street dance tonight in Brooten!


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Friday, July 12, 2019

Bonanza Valley Days grand parade list

Check it out...still tentative...here's what we've got so far: https://bit.ly/2GaB0Cf.


Food options at BVD 2019!

Click on this (short) link to visit the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website...and read a web article that summarizes the food options in Brooten across this BVD weekend: https://bit.ly/2NO6gwW. The list is endless!!!


Here's video from the end of the second game of the 12-U doubleheader last Tuesday against Freeport......it was a fun game to take in!

Time to get back out to the Bonanza Valley Days youth baseball tournament!

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Brooten Bucks

Breaking news...they are no longer valid. Read more details at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website: https://bit.ly/2NZ3w02.

Time to get to the Bonanza Valley Days Church in the Park and the Concert in the Park! See you there hopefully! Video from the church service and concert will be posted late tonight at the Voice website.

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Judicial Court documents

How many people out there think that I'd dream up a court document and the content of a court document and then publish what the court document says?

Who out there thinks that doing so makes any sense? Anyone?

Looking ahead, the Bonanza Valley Voice along with dozens upon dozens of other businesses, plus countless farm families and other individuals are collectively about to pull off something amazing with what we call Bonanza Valley Days 2019! We have overcome a breathtaking amount of crime that took place in our town, plus overcome a vicious and shameless lie that our town was not even able to have Bonanza Valley Days this summer...all leading up to the weekend that is about to begin. The weekend that lies straight ahead of us.

I heard that business has already started to pick up in a big way in Brooten for our retail businesses. And BVD hasn't even gotten underway beyond the one- to two-day BBE Jaycees Medallion hunt. We haven't even gotten our "little toes in the water" in terms of what is planned for Bonanza Valley Days.

*And pass the word that the kids activities and waterslides will be at the north end of Main Street on Saturday.

Here's a web article at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website where you can read about tonight's activities in the Brooten city park (short link): https://bit.ly/2LQfyWO.

**Also, a web article will be posted today at the Bonanza Valley Voice website outlining the various food options for the weekend during Bonanza Valley Days. Stay tuned!

It is going to be a MAGNIFICENT weekend in Brooten! One to remember! One for the ages!!!

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BVD baseball

The Bonanza Valley Days Little League baseball tournament is coming tomorrow, Friday, July 12 to Brooten as well as Belgrade. The 3rd/4th grade tournament will be in Brooten, and the 5th/6th grade tournament will be at the high school fields.

The full set of teams for each tournament bracket are published in the newspaper.

Also! Don't forget tonight's Church in the Park and Concert in the Park...at 7 p.m. at the Brooten city park. That officially kicks off Bonanza Valley Days 2019!!!

Read more about all the BVD activities in this week's issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice.

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Monday, July 08, 2019

Bonanza Valley Days is coming!

The four-day town celebration in Brooten is almost here!

We start with God on Thursday night...and we wrap up with ice cream on Sunday afternoon. You cannot beat that!

Here's a link to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's photo gallery from Saturday of BVD 2018 (short link): https://bit.ly/2LdIKHE.

Click here to see a full story at the Bonanza Valley Voice website on the upcoming Bonanza Valley Days activities in Brooten (short link): https://bit.ly/2LKXw88.

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