Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Over my dead body at B-B-E

This will not happen at B-B-E...here we serve hot lunches to all students, every day, no exceptions!!!!

At Morris Area schools, they just approved an "alternate" meal plan for students who have a negative lunch balance:

The list of area schools who have this shady, and in my opinion, shameful "alternate lunch" policy is long. I don't have a complete record of it.

**For the record, at B-B-E, at this point, the school gets a hot lunch to any student who stands in the lunch line and wants one. I will fight to the bitter end to see this policy remains in place as long as I am around. Mistakes or innocent oversights of parents should NEVER fall back on our children. I have spoken at length with B-B-E school staff about this sensitive issue. In some cases, negative lunch balances can shoot well past $100. In every case, the school does everything they can to work with families to get the account paid up. What I have heard from school staff is that in almost every case, the accounts are eventually paid up. If it ever becomes a financial issue for the school, they need to talk to the local business community and others about getting private assistance instead of "food shaming" kids at lunch time.

NOT food shaming kids is simply the right thing to do.