Saturday, March 24, 2012


AWESOME! Some bench reaction after the final buzzer...

Minnesota's 2012 Class A state champions!


Believe it!

**Welcome home ceremony is tonight at the B-B-E High School at 7 P.M.!

Some quick post-game statistics: the Jaguars outscored the Eagles 28-15 in the second half. They shot 37 % from the field in the first half and 42 percent in the second; for the game they were 18-of-46 from the field.

Scoring for the Jaguars were Brian Goodwin (29), Billy Borgerding (9), Connor Goodwin (8), James Kuefler (5) and Kirby Montbriand (3).

Both teams earned 6 steals in the game, with the Jaguars having an 18-23 advantage in the turnover department. Montbriand and Brian Goodwin each had two steals to pace the Jaguars in thefts.

Southwest Minnesota Christian shot 34.6% from the field in the game, hitting 18-of-52 shots.

Below, the Class A all-tournament team gathers for photos...

Here's the link to a light web article on the state championship game at the Sauk Centre Herald website:
More coverage will follow on Sunday morning.

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