Friday, January 11, 2013

B-B-E is 2 hours late today (1/11/13) - nope, closed!

At 5:52am., the voice mail went out that B-B-E school is 2 hours late for Friday, January 10. It's not nice out there! Sidewalks, streets, parking lots, roads, etc.!!!

At 8:24am, the call went out that B-B-E schools are closed for the day and all after-school activities (games, practices, etc.) will not take place tonight. The wrestlers will not be going to Paynesville. As of 8:39am, Paynesville Area schools were still listed as 2 hours late. **By 9am, Paynesville had closed.

Once re-scheduling of varsity-related events takes place, that will be posted ASAP.

Since you've got some free time today, here's the photo gallery from the MACCRAY boys' basketball game last Saturday...finally got around to uploading it last night: 

My day is officially a mess with all of today's activity changes, so this is probably all that gets posted until much, much later tonight. My only saving grace is that Jaguar Kids Connection is still open. Thankfully, the weather and roads are supposed to clear up this afternoon.

*As far as the roads are concerned, by mid-morning today travel on tar/paved roads was mostly fine. Travel on gravel roads, however, is another story. That was a major factor in the need to have school 2 hours late and then closed.

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