Sunday, March 10, 2013

More action from last night's playoff loss

From early in the first half...a view from the top perch at UMM's P.E. Center. 
More from the first half.
We have the greatest fans!!

B-B-E fans during a second-half time out.

Somehow we will eventually get over that loss, just as we did 10 years ago after Hancock beat the heavily-favored Jaguars out of the sub-section playoffs in the same semifinal game at UM-Morris. B-B-E was odds-on favorite to win the Section 5A championship that year but lost 67-56 to the fourth-seeded Owls while finishing 21-6 overall.

Here's the lion's share of the last minute of the game. I started recording while Brian Goodwin was making the last of his three free throws with 57 seconds remaining...I stopped recording when W/H-N was at the line for a double-bonus opportunity in the closing seconds. I re-started it to record the final seconds (seen below in a video clip)...but here's most of the end of the game:

Spring can come ANY time now.

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