Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two hours late - 1/16/14

Don't be surprised by today's weather....this is Minnesota! And January! However, we'd be spoiled if the visibility was as good as it is in the above photo taken in rural Padua in December...but it's not.

B-B-E is two hours late today...the call went out shortly after 06:00 today. KSTP "School alert" is a big fail at this point, as they have not updated their online school list since 05:49. Multiple schools, including B-B-E, LP-GE and Sauk Centre, sent out the 2-hour late calls since then. 

B-B-E officials will re-assess the weather and road conditions at about 08:00 today. Stay tuned. 

The current blizzard warning lasts until midnight.

I've heard some reports this morning of people trying to drive from the Sauk Centre area down to St. Cloud and being forced to turn around and go home because of extremely poor visibility. 

Wow, as of 06:43, KSTP still hasn't updated their school alert website since 05:49!

Here's a video clip from Monday's win over K-M-S:

**Black ice has been reported in multiple locations on I-94. Tread lightly out there!! I hope and pray for the best for all of us. Be safe today folks!!!! Remind kids/teenagers to make smart decisions regarding how they operate outdoors and on our rural road ways today. We'll get through this.

I'll be offline until after 08:00.

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