Wednesday, February 12, 2014

4-day week meeting went well

For the record, attendance at the three meetings this past week were: 22, 8 and tonight 13. Some of those in attendance were staff members and school board members.

I have a few thoughts gathered from what I learned at the meeting. I'll post them later. Video is uploading now.

Here's my first big clip from the presentation by Superintendent Bullard:

Please share the link to this site for anyone you know interested in hearing what was said tonight.

What's next: anyone in the B-B-E community, including parents, students and staff, can still give input to school board members and administration regarding a potential application to extend the four-day school week concept at B-B-E schools.

At a special school board meeting next Tuesday, February 18 at the high school at 7:30pm, the school board will discuss and then decide whether or not to apply for a three-year extension to the four-day week model. If approved, that application will be sent to the Minnesota Department of Education the following morning.

MDE then has 60 days to respond.

According to Mr. Bullard, he believes that MDE will take all or almost all of the 60-day period, putting a firm final answer out to the April 20 to May 1 time frame.

He also reported that in the last application period ending April 15, 2013, 13 school districts applied or re-applied to obtaining a four-day week or an extension. Just one school, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, was granted a three-year extension. The others were either denied or given a one-year extension.