Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Glenwood Police Department

Posted today at the Glenwood (Minnesota) Police Department's Facebook page:

We've recently received several calls regarding suspicious persons and neighborhood disturbances involving people acting suspiciously by walking through citizens yards and standing on their properties during the late night and early morning hours. We've been able to associate this activity with the new Pokémon Go cell phone game.
We'd like to remind citizens that the above described suspicious activity is not normal. We're encouraged to see neighbors and citizens staying vigilant and reporting this activity.
We would also like to remind those partaking in this new game to be respectful and courteous and respect people's property rights. Walking through people's yards and standing on their property without permission is not acceptable.
We again are reminding citizens to report any and all suspicious activity by calling 911. The nice weather is bringing more people out and keeping them out later. two cents: if your kid needs a cell phone app. to become physically active, you're doing it wrong.