Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mind blown

I've enjoyed seeing some great coverage of FFA chapters around the area in local newspapers. It's great to see such a wonderful youth organization get plenty of ink. For this week's Bonanza Valley Voice, I would call what I did as "adequate" and will more ink to FFA in my March 2 issue.

I noticed one thing that kind of blew my mind. The "group photo" for the West Central Area school district's FFA chapter had just a couple dozen kids in it. When I added the "not pictured" names to that group, I got to just 32!!! That means our B-B-E school district, which is smaller in K-12 enrollment than WCA, has an FFA chapter that's almost three times as large as WCA's. This year's B-B-E FFA has 87 members, while last year it had 89 kids. That represents more than half of all 9th-12th grade students at B-B-E!!!

Note: West Central Area's high school is located in Barrett 55 miles northwest of B-B-E's high school. The school is made up of the areas and towns of Kensington, Farwell, Hoffman, Barrett, Elbow Lake, Erdahl and Wendell. Their school district is just as dependent on agriculture and at-related businesses as B-B-E is.

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