Sunday, June 25, 2017


I just read that at Swanville public schools, if a student's lunch account debt is greater than $50 in the hole, the student will receive an "alternative" lunch until the account is made current. From the Morrison County Record coverage of a recent Swanville school board meeting, their school board approved changing the lunch policy so that individual students will not receive a regular meal if his or her lunch account shows a negative $50 for individual students and a negative $150 for families.

I am proud to say that at B-B-E, students are never denied a hot lunch due to the status of their lunch account. That is how it should be! A kid should not be punished or singled out because of whatever situation their parents are dealing with. (Forgetting to pay up, not enough funds to pay up or whatever)

In fact, at a recent school board meeting, the B-B-E school board reaffirmed that policy.

I know that Swanville is not the only school who has that shameful school lunch policy. The one other who I know has it is Morris Area, based on school board newspaper coverage from Morris this past spring.