Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A passing grade!

The Bonanza Valley Voice received a passing grade in the annual U.S. Post Office audit that every legal newspaper is required to do in America. The audit was performed by staff of the Brooten Post Office earlier today. Our respective counts were off by just one newspaper out of 1,520 paid subscribers on the mailing list.

Circulation hovers between 1,580 and 1,600 readers per week. We are hanging in there...the circulation figures have remained steady all year. We were hoping to "punch it hard" this year and see a big gain in circulation, but that wasn't in the cards.

Instead we've been fighting to keep our "mo jo" at a high level ...I'm happy to say that the "mo jo" is slowly coming back to this newspaper operation. It is not an easy process...but this is happening just in time for section volleyball playoffs!!!



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