Saturday, November 09, 2019


It's time! It's GO time!

The pre-match clock has six minutes on it, and it's now 08:44. Greenway and our B-B-E Jaguars are preparing for battle!!!

**Here's video of the starter introductions today:

**Here's the Jaguars getting pumped up as they take the court!

Updates to come.

Game one final: Greenway 25, B-B-E 17. It was a rough set. The Jaguars trailed 19-17 late but then gave up a 6-0 run.

Game two update...the Raiders have an early 2-1 lead. The Jaguars then pushed ahead to built a 12-8 lead.

*Update in game two: the Jaguars need to rally here! They trail 20 to 17 and are in their first timeout of the set.

Final score in game two: Greenway 25, B-B-E 21. The game ended at 09:46.

Game three: the score is Greenway 18, B-B-E 5. Things got out of hand right away, with the Raiders scoring the first three points and then turning that into a 10-1 lead.

Final: Greenway 25, B-B-E 18. The Jaguars trailed as much as 24-10 before going on another incredible run that ran out too soon. They gave a lot of heart and showed a ton of pride on the court today.

We are SO PROUD of our Jaguars!!!!!!!!!! They finish an unforgettable season 24-10 overall. Conference, sub-section and section champs!!!! All three repeat feats!!!

Thank you to Bonanza Valley State Bank for your extended postseason sponsorship of the Bonanza Valley Voice volleyball state tournament coverage!