Sunday, November 03, 2019

State tournament...first crack

Here's my first blog post about the upcoming Class 1A state tournament. I've tallied up each section champion in Class 1A and will post the list below. Also with each section champion is the team who they beat in their respective section finals.

Section 1: Medford (3-2 over Mabel-Canton)
Section 2: W-E-M (3-2 over Mayer Lutheran)
Section 3: Minneota (3-0 over Canby)
Section 4: Mounds Park Academy (3-1 over New Life Academy)
Section 5: B-B-E (3-2 over Walker-H-A)
Section 6: Henning (3-1 over W-D-C)
Section 7: Greenway (3-0 over Carlton)
Section 8: Fosston (3-0 over Ada-Borup)

Lots to chew through! State rankings, QRF, common opponents in some cases...etc.!!!!

I'd have to really dig into the common opponents to decide who is worthy of the No. 1 seed at state. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown (32-2) and Minneota (30-3) are awfully even in both rankings (coaches' association vote and the QRF computer).

But for argument's sake, I'm going to place them in a tie for the No. 1 seed and let it shake out after that.

#1 Minneota or WEM

#3 Medford - this is an easy vote for me; they beat a fellow Top 10 team in the section finals (Mabel-Canton)
#4 B-B-E ...I fully believe they have a legitimate case for the No. 4 seed after my initial (and brief) assessment of the the rest of the field.
#5 Greenway (I rate them worthy of a seed due to their win over state-ranked Carlton in the section finals)

Beyond that, when arguing for or against certain teams getting seeded at state, the strength of schedule has to come into play. Also, how well is the team playing at this point of the year? The case is there for a No. 4 seed for our Jaguars! There, I said it!!

We'll know by Sunday afternoon this weekend.

For the record...
And how many pictures taken tonight with my cameras? That number would be over 400! And how long was the match? It lasted almost exactly two hours. Based on the time stamps on my photos, it lasted between 119 and 122 minutes long.

Also, a Rambow clothing store is open for our state tournament-bound Jaguars!!!! Click over to Then enter "BBEVB" to order your B-B-E Jaguar state volleyball apparel!! The store closes at NOON on Monday - sharp! Don't miss the deadline!

Other late, random thoughts before the "crash" comes on and I call this a day/night for the journey called Saturday, November 2, 2019!!!! took until after 3:30 a.m., but upon reviewing the post-match photos I took immediately after the Jaguars earned match point, I realized that Coach Weimerskirch probably had a little to say about how tonight's match would turn out. I would venture to say he pulled a few strings and bestowed some magic on the team after they fell behind 14-9 in game five. He is still very missed here in Jaguar Country, and he is certainly smiling on all of us right now from heaven.

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