Saturday, December 21, 2019

Down south

This is what I saw not too long after waking up on Friday morning:

And I even heard Christmas music playing in many locations, which was a great touch

And here's a glimpse of a terrific dolphin show that we took in:

Today it's Magic Kingdom ahead of us.

Have a magical day, Jaguar Country!

**Here's the latest from the Big Bear wrestling tournament...the Jaguars sit in fifth place with 135 points. Minnewaska Area is in second place with 146.5 points. LPGE/Browerville is running away with first place with 194 points.

*Update: late in the afternoon, the Jaguars have moved back up in the standings and now sit in third place with 154 points. In second is Minnewaska Area with 163.5 points.

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