Friday, March 13, 2020

And just like that

And in the blink of an eye, the winter sports season for Minnesota has ended.

The remainder of the state girls' basketball tournament is cancelled. For boys' basketball, the playoffs is over. No more section playoffs or state tournament.

The virus is certainly something to be concerned about. But why not let teams play in a mostly-empty gym and live stream it? I think the kids would be willing to play. These kids grow up playing in odd gyms with few fans in the off-season.

This is a very strong, serious strain of influenza. It should be handled like we would during any influenza outbreak! Proper hygiene. Stay home if you're sick. Wash your hands!!! This is 2020 for God's sakes! Weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now? No, instead we're re-teaching and preaching to the public the need to wash your hands. Cover your mouth if you cough. The BASICS. Society has gotten stupid and lazy, and we're paying the price for it.

Just my thoughts.

Here's what a commentator said at the forum...and I happen to agree!

In April 2009-April 2010, 60.8 million Americans were infected with H1N1. 12,000 people died. A pandemic was declared in July 2009. However, MLB still played baseball. The NFL still played football. High School sports went on as usual. Why? Because the media, following orders from Barrack Obama told everyone not to panic. Today, because of the media’s never-ending effort to destroy Donald Trump, they have managed to bring this country to a standstill over 40 deaths, 36 of which have occurred in a nursing home in Washington state. This is nuts!!

At B-B-E, this morning I learned that the Central Minnesota Conference speech meet, set for next Tuesday (March 17) has been postponed indefinitely. Nothing has been set for when it could possibly take place.

This afternoon I'll get more state tournament coverage posted from yesterday. What a memorable game! It's stunning to think that Cromwell-Wright will not play their semifinal game today.

You have
...garbage like this! Garbage talking heads in the media...spreading lies (short link) about the CDC and its funding. My two cents: the CDC has focused on an endless list of Nanny State initiatives while ignoring their mission of fighting actual diseases.