Saturday, November 29, 2014

Very, very important message

After Sunday, Nov. 30, the B-B-E community will no longer see outgoing Chief Derrick Bjork patrolling Belgrade or Brooten in the Belgrade Police Department Chevy Tahoe (shown)...but with a lot of hard work we are hoping to see him back in uniform in a different local police department. It's all in the air right now.

*Note: on Monday afternoon, December 1, this was updated with more information. For the past 10 days or so I have been having health problems but am coming out of it and am currently operating at about 80 percent. It has greatly hampered my ability to properly disseminate information. It will improve day by day.

This is very, very important for anyone in the B-B-E Jaguar Country area and surrounding communities to read and share. Since November 18, the area has been wondering what will happen with local police coverage. While Chief Bjork will no longer work in Belgrade, other options exist to keep him local if certain goals are achieved.

The first official "SUPPORTING CHIEF DERRICK BJORK" informational event is on at KA-DE-SHACK Brooten on 
Friday, DEC 12TH 7 TO 11 PM
All are welcome from B-B-E area and surrounding towns!

*This is just the first of many, many steps to achieve our goal! The point of the event is not to raise funds but to give people information and gather more input from the public.

From the KaDe Shack, feel free to head east to the Brothers Bar in Belgrade, where they're having an (entertainment) event that night as well! The event I heard about at the Brother's Bar is on Saturday, December 13, which won't interfere with the December 12 event in Brooten. I also want to share that the Brother's Bar will be collecting donations for needy families in the area during this Christmas/Holiday season.

Back to my message...
No one is suggesting that having Police Chief Bjork working in Brooten will solve all our problems. It won't prevent all crimes. It won't heal all heartaches. It won't magically make B-B-E schools perfect. But you can be certain it will help.

Please read this story below: (Power structure, are you reading this?)

Immediately after the news broke that Chief Bjork was under siege, I asked a current B-B-E student in the senior high grades what Chief Bjork means to the B-B-E student body.

"I'll tell you what it means. Right now I am really worried about a couple classmates. Having him around could mean the difference between these two doing something really, really stupid that can hurt them and a lot of others or figuring out that they need to change their ways."

This student told me this before Chief Bjork turned in his two-week notice. (Power structure, are you reading this, do you understand what all this means for our school??????)

Or how about this, which is a generalization of what a few students have said. I can't reprint exactly what they said as it included foul language.

"I admit that I can be a little punk and cause trouble, but Chief Bjork knows how to straighten me out. He knows how to talk to me. I respect him, and I know even if he's giving me a hard time or trying to knock my head on straight, he respects me too."

Note: compare that to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. That community has wild animals who pass themselves off as humans running around and literally making wild hyenas looking tame. It is pure pandemic, madness, unabated mayhem...

Right now our local police presence is in limbo. We are truly blessed to still have Officer Kluver on the force, but I have heard nothing about who will be filling the police chief position. I will be shocked to the point where I could have a heart attack if I learn that the police chief position was filled with someone with half the character, work ethic and dedication of Chief Bjork.

The power structure in Belgrade has completely disrespected their duties. They've let us all down. Chief Bjork was very clear about his request for help, and they ignored him. When a police officer asks for help, the right thing to do is help him or her! Anyone with a brain who asks any amount of questions will quickly find out how Chief Bjork has been a "buffer" against kids making stupid decisions or doing stupid things that can hurt themselves or others. We were all once kids...we all know how fast that can happen, especially in today's age.

These are our towns. B-B-E is our school. We will fight for what's right every day to make our towns and our school better. The young adults in the B-B-E community have invested their heart and soul into their businesses and the school district. They deserve to have leadership in the community that is worth their salt.

Now that you're done reading this, I hope you understand why I am so burnt up over this issue.

Also, if hear, read or see any evidence suggesting that I or anyone I am associated with am being targeted for posting this information, the reaction will be swift and severe. I do not work seven days a week to put up with any type of BS, and I will not allow the terror that unfortunately exists out there in our world to push me around.