Wednesday, October 07, 2015

(Videos) B-B-E Powder Puff Homecoming football game

The seniors (coaches, players) gather at the end zone.
The juniors confer after the third quarter ended with Coach Jacob Weller giving instructions.

After the senior girls led 9-2 at halftime, they survived a spirited and valiant comeback effort by the junior girls to win the 2015 B-B-E Homecoming Powder Puff football game by a 13-8 score. At the start of the fourth quarter, the juniors narrowed the gap to a 9-7 deficit.

Here's two videos, one showing the pregame and start of the game, and then the post-game celebration by the seniors. I was impressed by the effort of both teams!

And the post-game celebrating:

Two days of Homecoming are in the book. Two more to go!

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