Saturday, November 02, 2019

5A finals updates! another iMovie and more

This blog post is what you will want to refresh tonight if you can't attend in person at Little Falls! Radio information was posted earlier on another blog post. Please share this blog post as you are able to on your social media, cell phone, texting and e-mails!

Update: the call letters for the radio station is KFGI "Skeeter" 101.5 FM. They are licensed out of Crosby, MN. I recommend searching for them on Google and then finding their TuneIn link. I'll try it out once I'm at Little Falls HS.

**Here's another iMovie installment from the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper sports department! Best viewed in 1080p HD on your web browser. Click! Let's get some views on this! The last one posted this morning has just 8 views so far.

Thank you to Bonanza Valley State Bank for sponsoring the iMovie videos and the extended playoff coverage for our B-B-E Jaguars volleyball team!

...and match updates to follow below after 19:00!
**The pre-match clock will fall to zero at 18:55. And I can't get 101.5 to work on TuneIn***.

*****Update: the Jaguars have an 18-13 lead in game one, but the Wolves are closing the gap after trailing 17-10.

***Update: the Jaguars won a wild game one by a 25-23 score. Game two starts now at 19:29! Winning this opening set is HUGE!!!

**Update: the Jaguars are ahead 19 to 12 in game two.

**Update! The Jaguars won game two 25-13.

*****Update: the Jaguars trail 12 to 8 in game three and are in a timeout.

**Update: the Wolves won game three 25-19.

***Update: the Wolves have a 10-7 lead in a TENSE game four.

**Update: the Wolves have a 20-14 lead in game four.

*****Update: the Wolves won game four 25-18. The Jaguars could not get closer than five points and sent far too many free balls over the net.

**Update...the Wolves have an 8-7 lead in game five...and now it's 12-7.

**Final score and outcome will be posted in a new blog post.

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