Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A most spectacular day in Jaguar Country (VIDEOS!)

The thesaurus will need some overtime to find the words that properly describe how wonderful today was in Jaguar Country. The entire student body of B-B-E, from preschool through 12th graders, participated in the sixth annual Color FUND Run at the high school campus (and southern side of Belgrade).

A video from the Color FUND Run finish line will be added here after 21:30 tonight.  

Here's video from the start of the senior high race, which formally kicked off the event...and it also features the start of the junior high race (about the 5:00 mark) It has been two years since we've pulled this off in Jaguar Country! I definitely had a lot to remember and catch up on from the first five that we've had:

**And here's a second video quality-checked and ready for posting...this was taken about 20 minutes after the senior high race began at 13:00. It features senior high and junior high students crossing the finish line:

There's a lull in kids crossing the finish line between the 43-second and 2:20 mark, and I had to pan the camera around the campus...then it picks up again with dozens and dozens coming across in different groups. I had to give the volleyball players a hard time (about 5:00 in the video) for walking towards the finish line. Of course, I was joking around, because they did indeed go five games last night and are definitely running in very little sleep this week! (Who's not?)

I want you to know that for the record, this was a day for the ages! It was such an awesome, awesome day to be a part of at the school campus. All six Color FUND Runs that we've had at B-B-E have been very special. I think this one ranks as the best, mostly because we continue to put everything back in place after a challenging and nerve-wracking 2020-2021 school year. The more we put that in our rear view mirror, the better! 

After today's Color Run, students in the Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 participated in a very well-played and exciting Powder Puff flag football game at the football stadium. The seniors won! I don't remember the exact score off the top of my head. It's on video, and I'll get to that eventually tonight.

The Class of 2022 won today's Powder Puff flag football game by a 45-42 score!

Be very proud of this student body! We have our share of bumps and bruises, but we love each other. We would go to the ends of the earth for one another. Today was a prime example of that. No school in central Minnesota can pull off a day like we had today in Jaguar Country. Let that sink in.  

More to come later. I still have to circle back to volleyball coverage from last night! Since the start of last night's volleyball match, I've shot between 600 and 700 photos on three different cameras plus video...and over night we got a 16-page Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper issue to press!! No rest for the weary! I looked it over and see about 150 photos from the Powder Puff game. AND the grand total of pictures taken since the start of last night's volleyball game easily surpassed 700.

We are over half way through Homecoming week at B-B-E and there's a lot more fun to be had and memories to be made. Please continue praying for the safety of all of our children and their families as #BBEHoCo week continues!

THANK YOU to Coop's Corner, Bayer Gas and Grocery and Bonanza Valley State Bank for sponsoring this blog post! All three of those businesses are owned by graduates of Brooten, Belgrade and B-B-E high schools! That's neat! For the record: the Bohmer family are all Brooten and B-B-E graduates; Dani Davis is a 2008 B-B-E graduate; and Mark Bayer is a Belgrade graduate, and Connie Bayer is a Brooten graduate.

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