Thursday, September 16, 2021

B-B-E zip codes post a 23 (VIDEO)

We're riding what is our third wave of COVID-19 in the Bonanza Valley area going back to the spring of 2020. The first one hit around mid to late October and into November last fall. The second came in March and April of this spring. Now we're in the third one, and fortunately it's not causing a great deal of local collateral damage. That statement is not made to minimize the damages caused by the COVID-19 virus or the pandemic. It's a statement based on what I know has happened locally in the past three weeks or so of this third wave.

The new COVID-19 case number posted today by the MN Department of Health for the zip code areas of Belgrade, Brooten and Elrosa is a 23. This marks a slight increase from last week's number of 19. The current high number for the current wave is a 32, which was the number posted two weeks ago on September 2.

One lengthy streak came to an end, as the Elrosa zip code area of 56312 posted the number 7. That's the highest one-week total Elrosa has had since January 2020.

The Brooten 56316 zip code posted a large decline by over half, as the new case number posted here was a 4. That's down from 9 last week.

In Belgrade 56312, they had a slight increase to post a number 12 this week, which is up slightly from last week's number of 10.

I'll post more information at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website. That link will be added to this blog post. Also added at the website will be a news article on a report about the increase in adult obesity in Minnesota from 2019 to 2020. The website link is = Note: that web article on the newspaper website has been updated with data from area zip codes as of 2 p.m. today.

Do you want to hear something crazy? I just learned this today. It is very sad that more of us don't know this in the U.S. What's so crazy? Here it is = over in the United Kingdom, across the past two years or whatever it's been now of COVID "mitigation" strategies, they have never, ever, not for one day, mandated that children under the age of 12 wear a mask or face covering in schools. Let that sink in for a moment.

What are we to take from that? The United Kingdom has done actual scientific studies on the efficacy of masking children in schools under the age of 12. Never have any of those studies suggested to their leaders that children should be mandated to wear a mask/face covering in school. Do children in the U.K. wear masks in school? Yes, absolutely they do. But they're not required to. So does this mean that they don't love children in the U.K. as much as we do in the U.S.? What is it???? My theory that can be shared out loud = political and health "leaders" in the United States are too lazy to do something like randomized, controlled studies of an important issue such as mandatory masking in schools. I have other theories, but that can't be shared out loud. These studies would not be difficult, as some schools across the U.S. (mostly private schools) have not mandated masking of kids during the school day. Find the data! It would not be that difficult for the U.S. government if they actually wanted to do that.

For the 18 months of this pandemic, some (many) areas of the U.S. have masked children as young as two years old, but the U.S. government has never conducted a clusterized, randomized study of the effectiveness of masking kids. Can you think of something more absurd?

Currently in the Bay Area of California, where their leaders are bat shit crazy and should be committed, children exercising in outdoor, Olympic-sized football stadiums are masked during Phy. Ed. classes. Let that sink in for a moment. 

Now that I've got you all fired up, settle back and enjoy music in the video below:

This afternoon I had to play a few Kentucky Thunder videos that I recorded in rural Sunburg late on Saturday night this past weekend. Needless to say, all of this information I've just written about has me really fired up. Time to take a step back and not let my blood pressure get out of control.

In sports today: the B-B-E Jaguars girls' tennis team hosts Long Prairie-Grey Eagle/Upsala Swanville Area in a Prairie Conference match at 4:30 p.m. The Jaguars are looking to even their overall record at 4-4, which would be tremendous. Also tonight, the B-B-E Jaguars volleyball team travels to Eden Valley-Watkins for their second Central Minnesota Conference match of the season.

Because I've added a great deal of opinion on this post, I'm not adding advertising. I will get a new blog post added early this evening to post sports updates on, and that will be sponsored by one of our many fine local businesses who support the work of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper and sports department.