Thursday, January 24, 2013

B-B-E is 2 hours late

For Thursday, January 24, B-B-E schools are opening 2 hours late due to the cold weather. I tell you, it always blows my mind how schizo members of the public are. For example, school is 2 hours late at B-B-E and Sauk Centre. Countless people are complaining on Facebook that the kids should just go to school on time, and that it's Minnesota, and that we should be used to it...etc. I know for a fact that these same people who have nothing to do with the operation of a school district or working with young kids would howl in a heartbeat if they didn't call it 2 hours late that "those heartless bastards should know better than having a regular start on a cold day like today!"

Full-blown Schizophrenia!!!!

My two cents: if these people are so wise, and so smart, that they can second-guess every decision of a school district, they need to go get around 8 years of college-level education and submit applications to be a school superintendent.

For the record: at 5:37am in Glenwood today the temperature is 9 below zero, the wind is "ESE" at 9 miles an hour and the windchill is 26 below zero. I stepped outside and it actually doesn't feel all that horrible. But we don't have kids at the end of a driveway waiting for a bus pick up either.

Also, I just learned that tonight's home Jaguars girls' basketball game against Rockford Area is also Parents Night. It will be broadcast on 106.5 FM the Train of Norway Lake-Sunburg. (Thanks!)

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