Thursday, April 11, 2013

Winter is dishing out a solid 1-2 punch, B-B-E is closed today

Winter literally came out of nowhere in the past four hours and is hitting central Minnesota with a vengeance. At 2:30am, it was calm and hardly any snow was forward to 6:00am and it's a completely different story.

**At 06:33, I am hearing reports of white-out conditions across western Stearns County. It sounds like a person should not be traveling in rural areas for any reason. It is tough that we don't have school today - it really makes a mess of things - but I'd rather report that versus reporting on an accident or death relating to one of us at B-B-E! It makes me think back to April 2008 when we had 2 days like this, the first was on April 12 and I think the other one was a couple weeks later. Snow shut down everything on one of those 2 days five years ago.

Here's what the B-B-E Facebook page posted about 10 minutes ago:
B-B-E Schools will be closed on Thursday, April 11th due to weather. The FCCLA trip to Bloomington is canceled for today. Mrs. Hagemeyer will be in contact with students if FCCLA is going tomorrow. No extra-curricular or evening activities. 
Blast from the archived photo from the date shown. It was taken in the heart of Belgrade that morning - just a day before the B-B-E Prom was scheduled to take place. On the evening of Friday, April 25, the B-B-E area picked up 4 to 5 inches of snow. Prom actually went off without a hitch on April 26! Another severe show storm hit the B-B-E area on April 11 that year and shut everything down. (Just confirmed that with my notes from 5 years ago)
Something in the range of 10 inches or more of snow fell on the B-B-E area on the evening of April 10 and then the morning of April 11. This photo was taken on Main Street in Belgrade in front of the Post Office at 6:00am, Friday, April 11, 2008. Whew!
**Click on this link to see a video that should warm you up a little bit...the B-B-E Speech team's promotional video that was released in January: 
*Just saw this on the Sauk Centre Herald Facebook wall from a gentleman who was attempting to drive to work in St. Cloud:
Weather is not good. Tried "beating" the storm to get to work in St Cloud since only flurries here when I left a little after 5. By the time I got to Melrose it was complete white out. I turned around and came back home-slowly and blindly. The wind makes visibility zero-I wouldn't recommend driving any distance this morning-be safe.

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