Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election night: school board results!

So many races to watch! Holy moly!

It will be a while before we learn results in B-B-E's school board race.

Governor Dayton's reelection chances are still teetering on the edge. That will be interesting to follow throughout the night.

10:30 pm...results are coming in. Stay tuned!

23:41 hours:
With 15 of 21 voting precincts reporting, front-runners for the four spots on the B-B-E school board are Scott Voss, Pat Thieschafer, Paul Gregory and Brian Knight. In fifth and sixth places are Nicole Szczesniak and Ginny Borgerding.

Senator Al Franken, Congressman Collin Peterson and Governor Mark Dayton have all won reelection. In other races, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party is in really bad shape in numerous rural districts.

00:03 hours:
The results are in! All 21 precincts have reported. Here's what I can report:
1st - Scott Voss 1,046
2nd - Pat Thieschafer 880
3rd - Paul Gregory 862
4th - Brian Knight 697
5th - Nicole Szczesniak 667
6th - Ginny Borgerding 632

Voss, Thieschafer, Gregory and Knight all won seats on the school board.

In neighboring news, I learned that Minnewaska Area passed two voting questions to raise taxes for fixing infrastructure in the school buildings and campuses while also adding an extra $200,000 a year in new taxes to pay for technology-related improvements.

In Sauk Centre, a technology-related levy question failed by a very slim margin (159 votes). They were asking for $100,000 a year to go towards technology-related improvements.

At B-B-E, it's terribly exciting that we are moving to a one-to-one E-device initiative that will go into affect for the 2015-2016 school year in grades 5-12. And better yet, we're doing it without asking on bended knee for more taxpayer support than what we already give.

*Wednesday morning update:
I saw that the NL-S referendum on facility improvements failed by about 2,400 to 1,800 votes. That really surprises me!! It will be interesting to see where that topic goes. Right now they have only four gymnasiums...the same number we have at much-smaller and financially well-off B-B-E.