Friday, May 22, 2015

Setting a bad example

To Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner: please instruct your deputies to drive the correct way when they're on the property of our B-B-E elementary school. Shown in the photo above is the exit to this side street. I know it's not marked, as I believe the "exit only" sign was taken down during repaving in 2014. I'll cut your deputies some slack up to this point.

Every other adult or teenage driver who visits our school manages to drive correctly and - especially during school hours or when buses are in their loading zone - know that this is a one-way street. Law enforcement should know that too. Often children are seen biking on this side street; sometimes it's baby strollers, or else it's simply parents dropping kids off and heading on their way to work. A driver going the wrong way on this street creates a dangerous situation.

And another thing, tell your deputies how to park their cars. They set a bad example when they park their squad cars nose to nose along a sidewalk. It just looks bad, especially when other children can see that taking place. What are your deputies trying to do? I fully believe that members in law enforcement should set a good example, especially to children.

I have personally seen a deputy squad car driving the wrong way down this side street during "dusk" hours. I am NOT impressed.

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