Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just making sure

I want to leave no doubt how poorly I think of Donald Trump and his antics while he runs for the highest office in our great United States of America. This was an interesting read at The Daily Beast:
“People bully to gain power over others, and Trump’s behavior is the epitome of this,” she said. By insulting Fiorina’s appearance, Drew said, Trump was “behaving like the high school bully who’s threatened by a girl who’s smarter than he is,” and by mocking candidates for not polling as well as he is, Trump is “acting like [a] high school football player swaggering into the cafeteria and overturning the lunch tray of a weaker kid.”
Bullies, like most people running for political office, have an unhealthy need for power. That need can be caused, according to Drew, by a number of things: revenge after being bullied themselves, general self-esteem and insecurity issues, or just a total lack of human compassion.

By the way, parents, have you talked to your children lately about bullying? And how they should never bully others? And how they should do their best to come to the defense of other kids who are being bullied or at least tell an adult of what's going on?