Friday, September 16, 2016

Bullying...more thoughts

This story just tore me i n half...nine-year old boy ended his own life because of bullying. He was living with his sister and his grandmother. The grandma was also their guardian.

I get really worked up over this issue. Last week (September 8 issue) I printed a front-page column in the Bonanza Valley Voice talking about bullying. I spoke about bullying that has happened at B-B-E (and not all of it takes place in the school, on school property, or at school functions) and basically pleaded with parents to address the issue with their son/daughter/children.

I missed one part, though, and it is important. I've never caught wind or heard the slightest whisper or hint or anything that says that B-B-E doesn't take bullying seriously and does not address it. They clearly do. I want to be very clear on this point. The police have conversations about the issue with students on a constant basis.

Anyway, take a moment and read that above-referenced story. It's heartbreaking.

On a brighter note! Here's a technology-driven way to combat bullying. I think this is very awesome!

Snuffing out bullying starts with ALL of us.

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