Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I weep for humanity

This is a story a friend shared with me about an incident that took place on Tuesday, November 1 at a gas station located on Highway 7 between Montevideo and the Twin Cities...this is so sad. It angers me. It sickens me. I feel so much sorrow for the person at the center of this story:

"On my way to the cities yesterday I stopped at a convenience store/gas station for a snack. The person in line to check out in front of me accidentally spilled his coffee and an employee came around the counter to clean up. Some men at tables in the snack section started calling out nasty sexual comments to her every time she had to bend over, and I said, "Hey, come on, harassment isn't alright." While they glared at me, she told me it was OK. She didn't mind that much. I could see on her face that she did mind, but she had to eat it to keep her crummy damn job mopping a convenience store floor. Nothing changes. I'm just disgusted, so damn disgusted. And it really doesn't help to know that not all men are like that because THAT means the ones who are have chosen to be pigs."