Monday, July 03, 2017

Bonanza Valley Days 2017!

Click on the poster to enlarge for best viewing of the schedule of events.

...and I wanted to re-post this on behalf of the Osakis Country Club golf course:
The Osakis Country Club had approximately $6000-7,000 in damages yesterday, July 2, around 12:30. A group of 5 men with 2-11 year old boys (approx) came out to golf. (The men were approximately 30-45 years old) They left one power cart in a swamp, another cart with a broken hood and many damaged items on the course. 2 of the men were dressed in "Scottish" looking golf attire with knickers, hats, etc. They were very noticeable. If anyone has information as to who these individuals might be, please call the clubhouse at 320-859-2140. The police are looking for them and a photo of them will be posted later today or tomorrow. Please share with EVERYONE!!!

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