Monday, November 05, 2018

FAN BUS info for state! and T-SHIRTS!

Below is a video clip from November 2010, the last time the Jaguars played at state! The players are being introduced here at Xcel Energy Center prior to the state quarterfinals match:

*Below: very important information to share with everyone!*

The band bus and fan bus(es) will leave on Thursday and Friday at 11:30 a.m. both days from the high school (11:15 a.m. elementary departure). This is for riders of school bus fan buses. Once the school knows how many adults/students are riding as fans, they will order up the appropriate number of school buses to carry the band and fans. DEADLINE for signing up is NOON on Wednesday this week***

Band members are allowed into the game at Xcel Energy Center at no charge. The cost for fan bus riders is $5 for the bus, and STUDENT tickets will be for sale at Xcel Energy Center for $10 per match. Students in grades K-6 may ride the fan bus but only with an adult, $5 for child and $10 for adults (bus cost) - then tickets must be purchased at Xcel (adult prices $16 per match).

**To register for the fan bus, parents (and for their K-6 children) should contact Tessa Schoenberg via e-mail: **For 7-12 grade fan bus riders, they need to contact Mrs. Bertram at the high school office in person, or e-mail her at Again, the deadline is NOON on Wednesday! Please try to sign up on Tuesday if you can! But don't contact the school at 1 o'clock on Wednesday and expect exceptions to be made!

*If there's enough interest for a chartered fan bus, those buses will be leaving the high school at 11:30 a.m. on both days (11:30 a.m. elementary departure). If interested, you need to contact Tessa via e-mail at The cost of riding the chartered fan bus each day is $20, and riders will still need to purchase admission tickets at Xcel Energy Center ($16 adults, $10 students)...the charter bus will depart 30 minutes after the completion of each match. To make this happen, the school needs 40 riders paid and signed up by Wednesday at NOON this week.

Also! This was added early Monday afternoon...T-shirt order information. T-shirts will be available starting Wednesday morning. Click here to read more information and get your orders placed!


P.S. - dont' forget! That the B-B-E Theater department asks the public to attend at least one of their musical productions of "Big" - November 15-16-17 at the high school!

AND! Veterans Day. Let's not forget about that! The elementary Veterans Day program will be at 10 a.m. on Monday, November 12. Please attend! This is moved from this week Friday, when it was originally scheduled to be held.

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