Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Another batch of videos

Another fresh batch of videos and web articles have been posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website. They are dated December 19.


After Christmas, another batch will be posted that will be dated December 26.

If you have a little time on your hand, I encourage you to check out this video clip. It illustrates how the Internet can be both very powerful and also very destructive. It can be powerful because it allows a person to bring an unending amount of information within their fingertips. However, the Internet can be a destructive force when someone reads or hears something on the Internet that is not true but accepts it as being true. Then they promote it on social media, and suddenly we have a wide swath of the American public being misled and lied to on something as innocuous as what African-American inventors, scientists or researchers did or did not do.

Buzzfeed is notorious for spreading lies and misinformation. They are very, very bad at what they try to do, which is disseminate news. They are an example of how easy it is to dumb people down.

In the newspaper world, some of us work very hard to combat "the dumbing down of America"...and fighting what the Internet does is part of that battle.