Thursday, March 19, 2020

Business updates and more for the Bonanza Valley area

At Bonanza Valley State Bank in Brooten
The bank is closing the lobby, however, ATM is still available in the entry way. Also, the drive-up window is open, and staff are in the building and able to respond to e-mails and phone calls. The lobby will remain closed until March 27, at which time this will be re-visited.

At Rustic Stables Stylists in Brooten
The hair salon in Brooten is closed through at least March 27. This is to comply with the state's executive order.

Additional local updates will be posted at this web article at the Bonanza Valley Voice website...this has been updated multiple times by noon of today (short link): This web article includes information for B-B-E schools and also local churches.

Currently, I'm listening to President Trump's address to the media on Minnesota Public Radio.

Right now, being emotionally strong and mentally tough is more important than ever. I struggle with it, and I think any honest adult will tell you the same. I found this web column very useful...titled "Want to be emotionally resilient? Science says do this" (short link)

And thank you readers and subscribers to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper! The March 19 issue is out and about as I type this.

As of this morning, over 3,000 people in Minnesota have been tested for COVID-19. Of those tests, 89 came back with a "positive" result.

This web article was difficult to load on my office computer, but it outlines the science behind how soap is the single very best weapon against COVID-19 (short link):

MY TWO CENTS: use a soapy cloth rag for cleaning purposes, not hand sanitizer!!!!

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