Monday, March 23, 2020

More important than social distancing (video from Israel)

Disclaimer: I'm not downplaying the importance of social distancing. We all need to stick to the plan and not spread our germs!!! Like in a regular flu outbreak season.

Let this be a lesson for everyone that, in no clearer terms, personal responsibility can literally save our country!!! Be smart! Be well! Stay well! Here's what I just posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice website (short link)

*We MUST protect our senior citizen population. I hope by now this is common knowledge, but in my experience I know that you just can't assume everyone understands the most basic actions that need to be taken.

Our senior citizen population is most at risk right now. This is just basic, common sense. This is what is done when we close off a location such as a nursing home (locally, this happens in any flu outbreak from my experience).

Can younger people experience problems from COVID-19? Yes, absolutely yes. In the U.S., hospitalizations in the 20 to 44 age category are rising. That is concerning. That's why we use social distancing. It should be common knowledge by now. If we all take steps, we will spread out the hospitalizations and give our health care system a fighting chance.

Here's South Korea's basic response: authorities have focused mandatory quarantine on infected patients and those with whom they have come into close contact, while advising the public to stay indoors, avoid public events, wear masks and practice good hygiene.

My question is: are we strong enough in America to exercise the personal responsibility that's required to keep our germs to ourselves? Or will we rely on government, fall back to that default mode that we too often do in America, and think government will save us? You don't need the government to step in and tell you to keep you germs to yourself!!

Another thought I had: Humans must be challenged if they want to reach their full potential. Of course, all humans have their individual breaking points. That's the dance we call life. How do we thread that needle. It goes to basic child rearing: make your kids' lives meaningful, not comfortable!

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