Friday, March 06, 2020

Robotics at Regions: Day Two is underway!!!

The B-B-E Resistance Robotics team No. 4238 has a win under their belt!! They are officially 1-0 at the Lake Superior regional in Duluth. The competition includes eight more qualifying rounds today and tomorrow.

Joining teams from Carlton and Blooming Prairie, B-B-E's Blue Alliance defeated a Red Alliance team by a 94 to 70 score. Three ranking points put them over the top when the final scoring was tabulated. The ranking points were earned when Carlton and Blooming Prairie's robots completed a successful mid-air "hang" with their grappling booms on the overhead bars.

The full scoreboard for Match No. 1 can be found here:

B-B-E's second qualifying match is set for approximately 11:38 a.m., and that time could vary by a few minutes as the morning develops.

Here's the following link to view the upcoming schedule. The second match for B-B-E Team Resistance is Qualifying Match No. 20 on the list:

**Update just shy of their second qualification match, B-B-E Team Resistance fell to 1-1 while competing in a Red Alliance that included teams from Bemidji and Annandale. Their alliance lost to the Blue alliance team by a 91-14 score. The Blue Alliance earned three ranking points to build the huge margin of victory. B-B-E's robot had a programming issue with subsequent errors. That will happen! They will learn from it and rebound in full stride.

Following their second match, B-B-E's team was ranked No. 25 overall.

Next: the B-B-E robotics team will be in a Red Alliance for their third qualification match. That is scheduled for approximately 1:36 p.m. today, subject to change, as overall qualification match No. 30.

*Early afternoon update: the third match for B-B-E Team Resistance is now scheduled for 1:48 p.m. today....again, you can watch it live via the live stream (upper right corner click) and click "Watch Now"

Action is very fast-paced!!

*Another early afternoon update: the third match for B-B-E Team Resistance ended in a loss for their Blue Alliance. The final score was Red Alliance 146, Blue Alliance 53. B-B-E's robot got some shots off and was operational.

B-B-E's team falls to a record of 1-2 at match (Qualification match No. 4 for Team Resistance) will be at approximately 2:53 p.m. B-B-E's team ranks 38th out of all teams in the region competition after three matches.

Mid-afternoon update: B-B-E Team Resistance nailed it!! They crushed it in their fourth qualifying match of the Lake Superior regional that wrapped up right at 15:00 hours. Their Blue Alliance won 102-42, and now B-B-E's record at regions is 2-2 overall. They have climbed to 32nd place overall.

Next is their fifth qualifying match of the region competition that takes place at approximately 4:34 p.m. today.

A huge, huge THANK YOU to our locally-owned business sponsors who are helping the Bonanza Valley Voice provide coverage of our B-B-E robotics team at the regional competition!

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