Monday, April 06, 2020

Ray of Hope tonight

B-B-E schools will turn on the stadium lights at the Jaguar football field and the Elrosa Saints baseball park tonight (April 6) from 9 to 9:20 p.m. as a “Ray of Hope” for the class of 2020.

This also serves as a Community Ray of Hope for our local health workers, businesses, fire fighters/first responders and police officers.

My take: enough of the doomsday talk. Let's look forward. Let's live without fear for a change. That can be done in a responsible manner.

Here's a website that I've been studying for the last five breaks down needs of each state in the union. The website was updated on April 1 and then again yesterday. In Minnesota, "invasive ventilators needed" was over 600. The need was significantly higher than the 235 figure that Minnesota started this fight with (according to Governor Walz) I looked and see that "ventilators needed" stands at 192.

More hope, less fear please!

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