Friday, June 12, 2020

Elrosa vs. Cold Spring

Game updates to follow here later tonight.

Update: Elrosa scored two runs on the bottom of the fifth inning, erasing a 1-0 deficit. They hold a 2-1 lead going into the seventh.

Final: Elrosa 5, Cold Spring 3.

Hopefully I'll get out to St. Martin as well!


I didn't get to St. Martin, although I wish I could have. As much as I'd LOVE to commit my whole weekend to baseball, I have other irons in the fire.

Elrosa is supposed to have another game tomorrow, Saturday, although I don't have those details yet. I'll get additional information posted in a new blog post.

In terms of B-B-E Jaguar summer sports, right now I am aware of nothing. I do not have information flowing my way on anything beyond Community Ed "skills" camps and strength training. As far as I can see, the summer is a bust for competitive Jaguar athletics. I wish I had better news to report.