Friday, July 24, 2020

Game night: Elrosa vs. Farming

Tonight's amateur baseball game is on KASM, 1150 AM. You can find KASM online and on TuneIn. Elrosa is hosting Farming in a Stearns County League game.

Update: through three-and-a-half innings, Elrosa is ahead 3-1. James Kuefler hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the third inning. Payton VanBeck was Elrosa's starting pitcher.

*Below, video from the bottom of the third inning, featuring Kuefler's home run. I completely screwed up recording that, as I lost the outfielder while zooming out to the outfield fence...I panned too far left at exactly the moment the ball fell over the fence for the home run. You can hear me saying "Dammit" as I lost the outfielder.

*Update: through six innings of play, Elrosa has a 4-2 lead.

Final score: Elrosa 4, Farming 2. VanBeck earned the win on the mound, with Jackson Peter throwing three innings of relief.

The Saints are the regular season Stearns County League champions! They hold a 10-2 overall record and went 8-1 in the SCL this summer.


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