Monday, March 29, 2021

State wrestling thoughts

I'm in an unenviable position where I have to try balancing out coverage of state wrestling and state girls' basketball. It's certainly a good problem! But I don't know if I'm coming or going, if you know what I mean...this is a whirlwind. 

I think it's worth sharing a comment I've told a few wrestling parents and Coach Mueller...

"I have said all weekend. These four guys maybe don't realize it, the magnitude of what they accomplished. The super section had 28 guys to state, and one-seventh of them were from B-B-E and all had a great tournament with multiple wins in the Saturday state championships."

"We should be extremely proud of them, and what they've done during a pandemic, now earning something that no one, not even COVID, can take away from them."

Shifting back to basketball...Here's a video clip from the first half of the Sub-Section 5A-West championship game!

More to come.