Thursday, April 01, 2021

(VIDEO) Jaguar fans rev up for state!

Here's footage from downtown Belgrade on Tuesday afternoon this week. That was exciting! The feature photo on page 1A in this week's Voice was taken during this video.

I'm still on my "day off" so...we'll see how that goes!! 

I had to look, and I have expected a light uptick here...sure enough, I was correct. This week's MDH COVID report shows six new cases in the Belgrade zip code and four new in the Brooten zip code. None again in Elrosa. The total of 10 is certainly a one week "surge" for our area with a population of 4,285. Also! If you do the math, four cases in one week in Brooten's zip code (1,466 people) is equivalent to about 2,198 new cases per day in Minnesota for a one-week period. Now you know! Don't shoot the messenger.

I find it very interesting that COVID hospitalizations continue to decline in South Dakota. They are climbing in Minnesota. What is wrong with that picture?

Late this afternoon, I'll get a new post that talks about state tournament tickets. There is tremendous excitement and interest in state tournament tickets. That is wonderful! I know we won't have concrete information until tomorrow (at the earliest)...I also know that priority will be given to player family members and B-B-E students. There are good reasons for that! The public will have to be understanding.

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