Saturday, June 20, 2015

Random area school-related news

Gleaned from area newspapers published in the past month or so...some interesting notes here!!!

I've been extremely busy in the newspaper office with my free time tied up on Bonanza Valley Days-related items.

Glad you like to follow along with what's going on in Jaguar Country...hopefully I can get some B-B-E news posted on Sunday night after enjoying the Sabbath.

MACCRAY was expecting a kindergarten class of 67 for the fall of 2015. After ECFE screenings, only 40 are currently registered! 

Lac qui Parle Valley's Class of 2015 had just 59 graduates. Ouch. They were a behemoth of a school in the 1990s...the decline in the economy along western Minnesota has not been kind to their school.

LQPV and Benson share an art teacher, but that person just resigned. I am not sure how much FTE each school has with this position. At B-B-E we have 1.5 art teachers which is truly remarkable for a school our size.

LQPV is increasing their music department from 2.5 FTE to 2.75 FTE.

LQPV has a .58 FTE business teacher.

Michelle Obama's stupid, stupid war on school lunch rooms has caused LQPV to stop use of a soft-serve ice cream machine. 

YME wants to increase its per pupil property tax levy from 1383 $ to 1683 dollars! Wow.

Montevideo graduated 97 this year. 

Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg expected 70 or so kindergarten kids this fall, but in May registration is only in the upper 40s. Ouch. Home-schooling is one factor, along with the Willmar Community Christian school. They still believe that they will have over 50 this fall. 

For B-B-E, we had approximately 55 students on the census who are eligible to join our kindergarten class this fall. Based on what I've heard from teachers and school officials, I believe the incoming kindergarten class will be around 45 students. I am HOPING that will be wrong and it will be more like 50 or 52...we'll see!!! I have more to say on this topic. Stay tuned.

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