Monday, November 04, 2019

Batting about .333

Well, so far, I'm about "one-for-three" today. If this was a baseball game, I'd be doing 'alright' but not setting the world on fire with a .333 batting average.

I was hoping to have about six big items taken care of out of nine or 10 major goals for Monday. Currently I've gotten three major items crossed off the list.

State volleyball posters are done! They look absolutely magnificent!! A few have been posted around Brooten at the KaDe Shack, the Brooten Lanes, Brooten Auto, RJs Mini Mart, the Bonanza Valley Voice and at the Bonanza Valley State Bank. Making a swing across Belgrade and Elrosa wasn't in the cards for today. We'll get the posted up around Belgrade and Elrosa on Tuesday morning.

Player and coach interviews are underway for this week's Bonanza Valley Voice issue. The B-B-E Jaguars volleyball team had a great practice today. After Coach Waddell's pre-practice speech, I rolled out of there right as the players got down to business. The energy level at their practices has been tremendous. I mentioned to a passerby at the school during practice last week, "Hear that all that positive shouting and cheering and yelling? That's why they're still playing and on a run in the playoffs." They love their sport of volleyball, they love their team and they certainly LOVE playing volleyball in November!!!

The "nuts and bolts" of the big Section 5A champion newspaper story are in place with a few final pieces to fit in before it's ready for press. In addition, we have over 600 photos to comb through from the last three playoff matches. That's a little overwhelming, but it is what we strive for in the newspaper world! It's too early to say how many pages of volleyball coverage are coming, but we're aiming for between four and six pages.

You can read more coverage of the Jaguars at the Bonanza Valley Voice of the main web articles this week includes important state tournament-related information!

That's all for now. Time for a partial evening with family...then back at it. Hopefully you wake up in the morning and see another iMovie production here at the Jaguars Sports blog!

*Thank you to Integrity Home Investments of Brooten for sponsoring this blog post with extended coverage of our state-bound B-B-E Jaguars!

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