Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Election results coming...the YES votes win!

It's 10 after 9 on Tuesday night and the official results aren't in yet. Early reports on some precincts are "promising"...!

As of 21:32, the Minnesota S.O.S. website is "down"

As of 21:35, the Voice has unofficial election results. The numbers say that the three questions on today's ballot in Jaguar Country all passed.

I will get a result posted here, and official numbers with more detail will be posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice website later tonight. https://www.bonanzavalleyvoice.com/section/bbe.

That same information will be published in this week's Voice print edition as well.

Stay tuned.

*Here's a short link to view the Voice website's election article: https://bit.ly/32kzuFF.

Throw back to the fall of 2013! Varsity volleyball starters shown before taking on Sauk Centre in Mainstreeter territory. B-B-E fell 3-1 that night but went on to claim their 10th straight sub-section title.

I hope the numbers I've been getting will hold up once the vote tallies go official!!!

Squeezing this in here...I LOVE when people have their thinking caps on! This is a handy-dandy website where fans can stay up-to-date on state volleyball tournament week in Jaguar Country. Click on the link to see what's there:

Updates after 22:00...area election results:
I see that Alexandria's excess levy question passed 59 percent to 41 percent (3,964 yes to 2,689 no).

According to KWLM radio, the building bond vote at the MACCRAY school district passed. The vote was 1141 to 873. It will bring the K-12 student body to Clara City for a new, unified campus once the new construction and renovations are complete.

KWLM's JP Cola also reported that excess levy questions passed at BOLD and Litchfield. Also at Litchfield, one of two building bond votes passed. The one that failed was related to pool and soccer field improvements.

BOLD's question passed by a small margin...but it passed nonetheless. Unoffical results show 717 yes votes to 658 no votes. They would have been in very bad shape without passage of this excess levy.

The MN Secretary of State website now has a few more results posted.

At Brandon-Evansville, voters failed a building bond vote by fairly wide margins. They are not "in trouble" yet but school officials there are in a tough spot in the wake of this election.

At Swanville, voters passed two questions. The first was for what I'll call a "small" increase to their excess levy (which supports general education expenses)...the second one will raise about $75,000 per year for technology-related upgrades and improvements for a 10-year period.

At Lac qui Parle Valley schools, voters approved a building bond vote that will raise around $39 million for improvements at the district's two elementary schools (Appleton, Madison) and the high school in Hantho Township. The ballot question passed with around 77 percent support.

That's all for updates. I have to get back to finishing the November 7 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper! Good night, Jaguar Country!!!

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