Thursday, November 07, 2019


The preceding match on our court at Xcel Energy Center is in the 5th set between unseeded Fosston and No. 4-seeded Mounds Park of 14:50.

*Update: the Fosston Greyhounds won in five! They had a 10-3 lead in game five and won 15-9.

At 14:57, our B-B-E Jaguars volleyball team took the court at Xcel!!!

Remember! The Voice website has a link for on the state tournament article. Also, Glenwood radio is here! They stream online too and on TuneIn.

***The match will begin at 15:29!!! Let's play volleyball! Updates to follow.

**In game one, the Tigers have a 21-17 lead. The Jaguars are in a timeout.

**Game one final score: Medford 25, B-B-E 22. The Tigers had a 37 percent hitting percentage in that set. B-B-E's hitting percentage was 24.4, which is very good as well. Most of the stats line was very, very even besides that.

The second set will begin at 15:52.

Game two: this set is tied 13-all.

*Update: now at 16:06, the Jaguars called a timeout trailing 18-15.

*Update: the tigers are ahead 23 to 18 in game 2.

Game two final score: Medford 25, B-B-E 18. The third set is beginning at 16:16.

**Update: the Tigers have an 11-5 lead in game three. They led 5-1 out of the gate, but the Jaguars cut it to 5-4.

Game three final score: Med ford 25, B-B-E 10. The Jaguars had a -.118 hitting percentage in that final set. It concluded at 16:34.

The Jaguars play Henning at 3 p.m. tomorrow in the consolation semifinals.

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