Saturday, February 20, 2021

Area notebook (sometimes we just don't know how good we've got it!)

This blog post will expand today. I have one quick item to mention right away this morning.

I read in the most recent issue of the Dawson Sentinel newspaper that the Dawson-Boyd school district has paid a private company called NFHS to help broadcast their athletic games this year. According to the article, the broadcasts have had numerous technical issues and even failures. Worse yet, the public pays to watch. The school has had to file complaints with the company. 

Good grief!! That's crazy. 

We are fortunate at B-B-E, where we've had broadcasting in effect since the 2014-2015 school year.

I read about another issue at Dawson-Boyd where they are moving elementary players up to fill junior high teams. That's tough. Ouch! The article said that "sixth grade girls primarily make up the junior high teams." The school is researching low participation numbers and hoping to address it and solve the problems.

On a much more positive note, I was happy to read that Dawson-Boyd is currently planning to hold prom this spring as well as a full outdoor graduation ceremony at their football stadium. Bravo!

Later this morning I'll try posting a live video player for the Minneota game. Remember: you can listen to the game on both local radio stations: The Train and Smooth Magic!

Also, added Saturday's a web article containing area COVID-19 figure summaries...basically all the town/rural areas that surround the B-B-E school district (short link): Remember - knowledge is power! It's important to see the government-reported statistics showing that we're not getting community spread of COVID-19, even though most schools are open, almost every business is open...all while we're in the "unhealthiest" time of the year in the heart of winter where we're mostly indoors.

More to come.

In the C-squad game at Minneota, Coach Borgerding's Jaguars hold a 33-29 lead with just over one minute to go in regulation. Final score: B-B-E 36, Minneota 29.

Just in case I don't get it posted separately, here's the video player from Minneota:

I want to wish best of luck to all the predator hunters in Pope County today! The annual Pope County Predator Hunt is taking place today. They will culminate the activity at Rooney's Bar tonight.

More updates in a new blog post, including the video player posted again.