Thursday, February 25, 2021

Delay in the MDH weekly COVID report *Updated...the number is SIX

I'm seeing a problem with the latest COVID-19 weekly report released by the Minnesota Department of Health. The report released today is showing zero increase for COVID cases in the last week for Alexandria, Belgrade, Brooten, Elrosa, Willmar, Spicer, Morris and New London. I'm not buying it...someone didn't upload the correct file at the MDH office. At first I thought it was good news to report, but now I am realizing that it's fake news being given out by the state. 

They somehow uploaded old data and labeled it as February 25 data....the only problem is that it is identical data to the February 18 report.

Hopefully they fix it!! These weekly reports are super important for the public. They show the level of COVID spread throughout all zip code areas of the state. Every day our lives are affected in large and small ways by the government's response to COVID. We need this data, and we need it reported in a timely fashion.

I am also learning more about the HORRIFIC and UNBELIEVABLE invasions of privacy that is taking place when a person tries signing up for a COVID vaccination on the MDH website(s)...this is unreal. I learned today that the MDH is violating the state's data privacy act, which dates back to 1974.

Our state's department of health is unhinged. They are really losing it. I don't know why we continue to put up with such a terribly run state government. It's sad, pathetic and embarrassing.

UPDATE: here's the new COVID numbers for the last week: Belgrade 6, Brooten 0, Elrosa 0.

Other area zip code increases for the past week (zip code = rural and city residents)

Willmar 23

Glenwood 4

Benson 1 

Kerkhoven 0

Kandiyohi 4

Spicer 6

Sunburg 0

Murdock 1

New London 1

Pennock 3

Sauk Centre 4

Alexandria 21

More to come after I review more of our local zip code COVID data...I am getting the sports video posted in a new blog post for tonight's road match at Morris, Minnesota.