Thursday, April 08, 2021

Area numbers, this week's B-B-E number is 10 once again

Here's the area "new case" numbers for the weekly report given by the MDH today, covering the last seven days of COVID-19 test positive results. I really hate the lack of context that we are provided by these numbers. There's little information on testing, hospitalizations, etc. on our local front. We just get the case numbers, and often I believe they're used just as scare tactics. It's the equivalent of using an anvil to kill an ant.

In South Dakota, their hospitals have a total of 19 people with COVID-19 who are in the ICU. In Minnesota, that number as of today is 131 (according to the Star Tribune). Minnesota's population is about six times that of South Dakota. They've reported just one "COVID-related" death in the last week...again, just ONE, in South Dakota...compared to 14 in Minnesota just today.

In Minnesota, over 83 percent of our seniors have received at least one dose of a vaccination series.

Belgrade - 6

Brooten - 4

Elrosa - 0

Pennock - 2

New London - 11

Spicer - 6

Sunburg - 0

Kerkhoven - 3

Murdock - 3

Glenwood - 17

Sauk Centre - 17

Melrose - 15

Paynesville - 15

Willmar - 47

Alexandria - 64;

That's all for now. Time to get my butt up to Elrosa and get more posters hung up!