Monday, April 05, 2021

And they're off to St. Paul! (VIDEO)

Crazy busy times right now. Just crazy busy. And all good. Our news and sports departments are being flooded with good news!

Here's video from their departure from town today. They left with as little fanfare as possible, outside of the police escort! Thanks, Chief Jansky!!

More to come. 

Tomorrow will be a fabulous day! Something's gotta give! Yes, that's right...figure this: Sleepy Eye St. Mary's averages 78 points a game to lead Class 1A, while B-B-E's defense gives up just 36 points a game - the best defense in Class 1A. Their combined record is 45-1. Something's gotta give tomorrow...we'll see how the offensive juggernaut stacks up against one of Minnesota's stingiest defenses!

Not much blogging time right now...I am putting together another very special Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper. Sometimes a person just can't put into words how special our B-B-E community is. We are extremely blessed with super hard-working, sincere and amazing kids up and down the ranks of the school system. They are backed by super amazing parents and grandparents!!!

Tuesday will be pure crazy!

Exciting times!

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