Thursday, April 08, 2021

Fan bus

Parents and others! B-B-E is offering a fan bus to Target Center tomorrow. They need a few more sign-ups!! Please contact the school before 11 a.m. today to get your child on the bus. The cost is $10.

320-254-8211, Option No. 2 for Nancy.

This is far safer than your teenager driving there and back!

Here's what I know: the school has a "waiting list" of students who want to go to the game, but they don't have tickets. So that, of course, is a problem. If people have tickets and would consider selling them to one or more of those students, please contact Nancy at the high school! 320-254-8211.

The other thing that would be really fabulous: could a few families tell their teenage drivers that they should ride the fan bus? The school doesn't want to fill the bus, but they also don't want to send a bus with just 6 or 8 kids on it (for example).

In that case, please contact Nancy at the high school and they can get a formal fan bus list squared away!